Lower Manhattan’s bang draws business travelers

In new years, business travelers visiting New York City mostly done a beeline for Midtown. But a vast redevelopment that has remade reduce Manhattan into a bustling informative and business end is heading a flourishing series of highway warriors to stay, meet and consort downtown.

“It’s usually healthy that Lower Manhattan is apropos a end of choice for business travelers,’’ Jessica Lappin, boss of a Downtown Alliance, reduce Manhattan’s business alleviation district,  said in an emailed statement. “We have an array of good new hotel options, a prohibited dining stage emerging, a sell series underway and many of New York City’s many iconic sights.”

12.3 million business travelers visited New York City final year, a series that is approaching to see a assuage uptick in 2016, according to NYC Company, a city’s tourism organization.

And many chose to stay south of Chambers Street.  Booking.com says that in both 2015 and 2016 more than one in 5 of a business transport reservations done by their site were for a room in reduce Manhattan.

The ability to stay downtown has severely increasing interjection to a hotel building bang over a final several years. Of a 27 hotels now in reduce Manhattan, usually 5 existed before to 2001, according to a Downtown Alliance. Visitors can now select from among 5,688 rooms, and another 3,105 bedrooms are now in a pipeline.

“There were comparatively few hotel options downtown so they didn’t have many choice,’’ Fred Dixon, President and CEO of NYC Company says of business travelers. “The infancy of hotel register was in Midtown and still is today. But there are some-more options downtown than ever. . ..  And a nightlife options, restaurants and bars were many some-more scarce.’’

Now, upscale selling and restaurants abound. A new eatery from luminary chef Wolfgang Puck will be featured during a new Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown, that is set to open after this year.  One World Trade Center was denounced in 2014, heralding a area’s rebirth after a harmful blow of a 9/11 apprehension attacks. The ability to get to a outdoor boroughs as good as via Manhattan has been extended given a Nov 2014 opening of a Fulton Center, where many of a city’s transport lines converge. And New Jersey’s commuter PATH trains got a new hire in Mar with a World Trade Center Transportation Hub.

The corporate heartbeat of a area has also changed over Wall Street to welcome technology and media, with companies like Conde Nast and Time Inc., creation reduce Manhattan their new base.

Robert Rechtermann, ubiquitous manager of a Conrad New York, that non-stop downtown in Mar 2012, has seen a poignant uptick in both particular business transport guests and group meetings any of a final 4 years. And a hotel’s sales group actively pursues corporate trekkers.

“The impulse we hear of a association moving their offices or domicile into a area . . .we’re enlivening them to try reduce Manhattan,” he says.

Christopher Kelly, co-founder and boss of a meetings space provider Convene, non-stop a venue in reduce Manhattan in Apr 2013.

“Downtown went from being a 9 to 5 business district to being a place that had tons of humanities and enlightenment and things to do in a night and on weekends,” Kelly says “That combined a pull for business travelers since now there’s impression and enlightenment downtown that never existed before.’’

Extended stay hotels, mostly adored by business travelers, are also apropos some-more of a downtown presence. AKA Wall Street, for instance, is opening in June, and a bookings simulate “corporate business some-more so than a other . . . locations in Manhattan,” AKA boss Larry Korman says. “I would contend in a initial quarter, we had some-more people seeking information about that skill than a other ten” in a AKA chain.

Meanwhile, QA, an extended stay hotel where guest can stay for only underneath 30 days, non-stop in November.

“We have a vast corporate customer base,’’ says arch sales officer Craig Partin, who remarkable that a hotel’s occupancy levels have ranged from a high 80s to a mid-90s. In further to a financial sector, reduce Manhattan is “becoming a tech corridor. We have party folks who stay with us, so there’s really direct in a areas that we call downtown.’’

Downtown hotels are appealing to travelers like Dan Braunm, a member of USA TODAY’s Road Warriors panel who works in a program attention and is formed in  Key West, Fla. He stays in a Tribeca area even yet his bureau is in Midtown.

“The transport takes me from TriBeCa to a travel my bureau is on in Midtown so a invert is easy,” he says. “What we like about staying downtown is being means to travel around a neighborhoods and knowledge a extraordinary restaurants but a vanquish of a tourists in Midtown.”


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