Louisiana practice continues to set records

The state continues to set new practice records.

Louisiana Workforce Commission Executive Director Curt Eysink says sum nonfarm practice in Louisiana reached 1,988,900 in October, that is a new record high.

“We have some-more jobs than ever before, some-more people operative than ever before, and a series of people accessible to work is bigger than it’s ever been in Louisiana,” Eysink said.
Eysink says a series of private practice jobs has grown by 31,000 over a final year.
The state’s stagnation rate is also going up, along with a series of people who are employed. The stagnation rate for Oct was six-point-two percent, adult four-percentage points from final year. Eysink says it’s an indicator people are responding to a state’s clever pursuit growth.
“To people who are now thinking, good maybe I’ll get behind into a workforce there are jobs there. And we consider we are saying people maybe relocating into Louisiana for a jobs that we have,” Eysink said.

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