Looking to change business and personal education, EdCast raises $16 million

EdCast, a online and mobile height for distributing educational calm from a network of courtesy experts, has lifted $16 million in a latest turn of funding.

Led by G.E. Asset Management, an investment arm of one of EdCast’s existent customers, a new turn will be used to enhance a company’s sales and selling efforts and continue product development.

The company, helmed by sequence businessman Karl Mehta, has dual tracks.

One is a consumer focused bid for lifetime training formed on mobile entrance to a company’s bite-sized, user generated content.

The other is a curated calm feed, comparison regulating both tellurian imagination and accurate algorithms formed on patron data, that a association distributes to subscribers in businesses around a world.

At slightest one multiplication of G.E., whose item government business section led a stream $16 million round, is a customer.

“We move [businesses] applicable curated trust and insights as micro-learning each day,” says Mehta.


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The association has a “few hundred” customers, according to Mehta, who are profitable a subscription for a service.

Relevant educational materials are delivered to employees of companies that allow to a use on a unchanging basement in a indication that’s really many like a daily briefing, according to Mehta.

“Imagine that President Obama gets his lecture each morning during a breakfast table,” Mehta says. “This is similar. If you’re an executive or an worker during a company, we move we relevant, curated information.”

On its consumer and craving channels EdCast now has tighten to 1 million users that are accessing a company’s educational calm each day, according to Mehta. And a association has partnerships with heading universities to yield mobile entrance to some of a best professors in a universe who are providing lessons culled from their possess classes.

So far, a association has seen a many success on a craving front, according to Mehta, where a user bottom is flourishing during double-digits month-over-month.

Currently, EdCast offers its business preparation use to companies in IT services, consulting, medical and manufacturing, though it intends to enhance into telecommunications, consumer media, banking and financial services, and sell in a entrance months, according to Mehta.

The association has found a best traction with some of a company’s newest employees according to Mehta.

“In a craving substantially 80% of a users are millennials,” he says. “They like a brief bite-sizes that matches with their brief courtesy span. Millennials are used to training from outward influencers rather than awaiting a companies to sight them.”

Founded as Stanford StartX Company to commission people to get smarter about their business and in their private life, EdCast has lifted income in a past from Penta Global, SoftBank Capital and Cervin Ventures. In total, a association has lifted $22 million to pursue a prophesy to yield educational collection for lifelong learning.

“We are vehement about EdCast’s vision, innovation, and a disruptive energy of its technology in craving trust discovery, pity  and learning,”, pronounced Carlos Monfiglio, partner during GE Asset Management in a statement. “The list of Fortune 500 companies regulating EdCast is considerable and we trust a company is on a approach to defining and heading a new difficulty in craving trust and intelligence.”

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