Local nonprofit helps KC veterans find suggestive practice after returning to municipal life

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Many troops veterans onslaught with a composition to municipal life. But a internal nonprofit has found a good approach to compare internal veterans with suggestive employment.

Browsing a aisles during Goodwill is one of Adney Stean’s favorite things. As a 71-year-old late Navy veteran, Stean never illusory he’d be selling around for a new career. But he indispensable some additional income, and he wasn’t certain where to begin.

Stean’s miss of mechanism expertise wasn’t a problem during a “Goodworks” practice module during Goodwill.

“The Goodwork core takes people who are sitting on a sidelines and brings them behind into a game,” pronounced Lauren Solidum, clamp boss of goal enrichment for Goodwill.

Goodworks helped Stean transparent a mechanism hurdle. He fast had a new resume, and a pursuit hunt was on.

Like all veterans in many age brackets, Stean had a far-reaching operation of skills. Within a integrate weeks, Stean had a new pursuit in a confidence field.

“Teamwork, dispute resolution, plan government — all of those skills that he’s schooled via his troops career are totally germane to a workforce today,” Solidum said.

Stean has sailed a high seas, though in new months, he had his low moments. But now Stean wants all of his associate veterans to know: The conflict on a homefront is winnable.

There are 6 Goodworks practice centers during Goodwill locations all opposite a region. To find a one closest to you, only ask your nearest Goodwill or check Goodwill’s website.

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