Local McDonald’s franchises, city parks offer summer practice opportunities for teenagers

CLARKSBURG — With a unaccepted start of summer noted as Memorial Day weekend and a propagandize year entrance to a close, teenagers from around a area will shortly be looking for ways to fill their giveaway time.

While many will spend a summer vacationing or visiting with friends and family, entrepreneurial-minded teenagers know that summer is a ideal time to take on part-time employment.

Whether it’s to save income toward their initial automobile or to acquire additional income for propagandize expenses, a summer pursuit is a good approach for teenagers to advantage operative knowledge while creation a small additional cash.

John Ebert, a owners of some-more than 40 McDonald’s franchises in a area, pronounced a use attention is a good place for students to demeanour for part-time employment.

At his 5 Harrison County locations, Ebert pronounced summer is customarily a busiest time of a year.

In credentials of a uptick in business, he pronounced any grill typically hires between 5 and 10 new employees for a summer.

McDonald’s tyro employees have a event to acquire some-more than only a paycheck, Ebert said.

Eligible employees also have a event to enroll in a company’s “Arch Way Program,” that provides students with additional supports to cover college costs.

“If we work for us, we are authorised to get income to go to college,” he said. “If we have college expenses, we will compensate adult to $700 toward those costs. It’s a genuine advantage of operative for us in a summer if you’re going into a college program.”

When looking for tyro employees, Ebert pronounced he takes opinion and work ethic into consideration.

“I demeanour for kids who have large smiles and are committed,” he said. “If we do good in school, you’ll substantially do good for us since you’re used to listening to your teachers.”

Providing students with their initial practice event is fulfilling, Ebert said, since they are means to learn skills and habits they can request after in their lives.

“Hopefully it’s a good training experience. They learn how to be committed, how to understanding with a public, how to take directions from others,” he said. “It’s a good approach to start their employment. No matter what else we finish adult doing, it can learn we good values.”

Interested field can revisit a McDonald’s plcae in chairman or revisit www.mcdonalds.com/us/en-us/careers, Ebert said.

John Cooper, superintendent of Clarksburg City Parks, pronounced students who are looking to make a summer paycheck while spending time outdoor should cruise practice during one of a city’s 20 open parks.

To assistance say a park system’s pools, parks, playgrounds and distraction centers and other facilities, Cooper pronounced 80 to 100 internal teenagers are hired any summer.

“We have a lot going on. Summer is apparently a busiest time of a year,” he said. “We sinecure concessions staff, lifeguards, summer upkeep to assistance take caring of a parks and playgrounds and cashiers.”

Cooper pronounced a park’s practice opportunities teaches students a significance of tough work while providing them with spending money.

“It’s kind of a dual approach street. We offer kids employment, and it helps them to means to means books, tuition, automobile insurance, gasoline and that arrange of thing,” he said. “It also teaches them responsibility.”

Anyone meddlesome in practice with Clarksburg City Parks can revisit www.cityparksofclarksburg.com for some-more information, Cooper said.

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