Legislation gives pacifist offenders new wish for practice opportunities

CHARLESTON — A law that allows people convicted of pacifist felonies to petition a decider to revoke a assign to a misconduct went into outcome Friday.

The West Virginia Legislature upheld Senate Bill 76, a West Virginia Second Chance for Employment Act, with time down to a wire. It was a final check a House upheld a final central night of unchanging session, authorized during 12:54 that Sunday morning.

Gov. Jim Justice sealed a check into law in April.

The bill’s idea is to urge practice possibilities for those convicted of pacifist felonies. People convicted of these crimes can petition a circuit decider to revoke a assign if they accommodate certain education such as not violating a law for 10 years after they finish their sentence.

The reduced misconduct standing will still be reflected on all annals associated to a offense. If a decider sets a emanate for hearing, all meddlesome parties who filed notice of antithesis shall be told and a decider can hear testimony of witnesses and justification of any other matter associated to a petition.

If a decider grants that ask and reduces a charge, that misconduct can't be expunged and It will uncover adult on a credentials check by an employer that a crime was reduced to a misdemeanor.

During building discuss on a bill, Delegate John Shott, R-Mercer, common a story from staff during Recovery Point in Bluefield.

“It’s a rugged, perfectionist module that they go by to try to recover,” Shott said. “It’s not easy on them. One thing I’ve gleaned from a ones who make it is they have an almighty wish that they can get their life behind together. Oftentimes that wish is discontinued by a fear that a transgression self-assurance that brought them to Recovery Point will be a cloud over their shoulder forever.

“This gives them hope,” he after said. “It’s not a ideal check though it’s a possibility to have a transgression reduced to a misconduct and let employers see what they’ve accomplished. It’s a step in a right direction.”

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