Law School Grad’s Employment Misrepresentation Case Goes To Jury

SAN DIEGO, CA — Jurors began deliberating currently in a hearing of a lawsuit filed by a lady who claims a San Diego-based Thomas Jefferson School of Law misrepresents a ability of graduates to find jobs.

Anna Alaburda, 37, filed her lawsuit in 2011, claiming fake promotion and misrepresentations by a school.

Her attorney, Brian Procel, told a jury she spent some-more than $100,000 for her grade yet was incompetent to find a full-time pursuit as an profession since she relied on a school’s fake practice figures.

A counsel for a law propagandize countered that a practice information is “overwhelmingly accurate.”

Procel pronounced Alaburda enrolled in TJSL in 2005 after reviewing practice information per a graduates and their ability to land jobs. Even yet she graduated with honors in 2008, Alaburda wasn’t means to find a pursuit with a law organisation notwithstanding promulgation out 150 resumes, according to her lawyer.

Eventually, Alaburda got a $60,000 pursuit offer from a San Bernardino law organisation and took a $70,000-a-year pursuit with a authorised publisher, her profession said. Procel pronounced Alaburda never deliberate filing a lawsuit until 2011, when she review a New York Times essay on TJSL practice figures.

“She relied on those practice figures,” Procel told a jury. “She went there underneath fake pretenses.”

Procel pronounced Alaburda is seeking $125,000 in indemnification for fee and mislaid salary and an sequence preventing TJSL from dubious students.

Mike Sullivan, a profession for a Thomas Jefferson School of Law, countered that Alaburda did not humour any damages. The profession pronounced Alaburda went to TJSL since it was a usually law propagandize where she got accepted.

Once there, a plaintiff was awarded a $20,000 grant to assistance with tuition, creation her sum debt $32,000 after 3 years, Sullivan told a jury. Alaburda motionless not to work during her initial dual years of law propagandize and within dual months of graduating, had dual pursuit offers in a authorised field, a profession said.

Sullivan pronounced a routine of entertainment practice information for graduates is “difficult” and a “challenge” for a school, yet pronounced there was “not a settlement of mistakes” by TJSL.

In a past several years, during slightest 15 lawsuits have sought to reason several law schools accountable for publicly inventory information that critics contend was used to increase alumni pursuit numbers, yet usually one other lawsuit besides Alaburda’s stays active, according to published reports.

Judges in other states have ruled that law students opted for law propagandize during their possess peril, and should have famous that practice as an profession was not guaranteed.

–City News Service/File photo


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