Kyiv Post Employment Fair offers tips from loyal professionals

More than 20 companies offering Kyiv residents good pursuit opportunities and precious career recommendation during a Kyiv Post Employment Fair on Apr 23.

“I usually suffer pity my knowledge with others,” Keith Rye, a mentor during review association ACCA, told a Kyiv Post after addressing attendees of a biannual career eventuality orderly by a Kyiv Post.

Rye says appearing during such events is a right approach of requesting to people “who can learn from (one’s words) and afterwards maybe even change a universe in a future.”

Apart from Rye, 5 other gifted speakers took to a theatre of a open Kyiv Post Employment Fair that took place in Kyiv on Apr 23.

The speakers lonesome practice trends in Ukraine, where freelancing, volunteering and gift work are a new normal, and did their best to inspire listeners to pierce brazen in their professions.

Vladyslav Kryveshko, a CEO of a general pursuit hunt portal for freelancers Proffstore, giving career tips from a stage, emphasized a significance of self-management for all, and generally for “independent knights of a contemporary world.”

He pronounced freelancers, who can't devise their day properly, “will turn recluses that decay in deadlines.”

A deputy of PDFfiller (R), a developer of request government software, talks to a attendees of a Kyiv Post Employment Fair on Apr 23 in Kyiv. (Kostyantyn Chernichkin)

Charity Foundation Happy Paw CEO Olga Spektor thinks such events can motivate those who are hesitating, give profitable tips and many of all – inspiration.

“Almost everybody is able of good deeds,” Spektor told a Kyiv Post. “Some competence attend a satisfactory like this one and afterwards comprehend that they can do something they doubted.”

In total, 21 companies from 4 to 11,550 employees in staff gave visitors a possibility to request for a series of positions, from auditor to sales manager, from programmer to arch executive officer.

The eventuality brought companies and pursuit seekers together face-to-face, as indeed assembly with a probable destiny employer mostly yields most aloft chances of gaining practice than usually promulgation off a resume around email.

Besides, pursuit seekers not usually got chances to start a new career, though also profitable recommendation on how to succeed.

Pieter Kinds, a executive of burden review association ControlPay, told a Kyiv Post that a outcome of a eventuality would eventually be manifest by a series of competent employees and a arrangement of sold brands on a markets.

“Participating is not about an evident outcome,” Kinds said. “It’s some-more about submit for a future.”

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