KARE 11 Investigates: A fight hero’s conflict over insurance

After years of profitable premiums for prolonged tenure caring insurance, a Vietnam War favourite had to quarrel behind opposite his insurer, after his claims to Continental Casualty Company were regularly denied.

“I had a smashing life,” says Jerry Mansheim, 79.

“A quick life,” he says, looking by photos of a sports cars he gathering and a airplanes he flew.

Mansheim flew some-more than 100 missions in Vietnam during a controls of his F4 fighter.

“Oh, that’s a good airplane!” he recalls.

But for a late Air Force Major, leader of a Distinguished Flying Cross, a latest conflict has been with his word company.

Jerry bought prolonged tenure caring health word behind in 1999 from Continental Casualty Company, also famous as CNA. With his routine he got this minute touting “a some-more fast and secure future.”

Every month for a subsequent 15 years he paid his reward of $141.55.

“I did my part,” he says.

A year ago, Jerry suffered a stroke, and grown a condition famous as dump foot.

“This right leg is like a brick,” he explains. “It drags when we try to walk.”

His VA medical annals uncover it’s caused him countless falls, some requiring hospitalizations.

A widower, his doctors dynamic he can no longer safely live during home on his own.

Jerry approaching his prolonged tenure caring routine with CNA to cover 75% of a cost of his assisted vital apartment. He suspicion all he had to do was infer he indispensable assistance with 2 of 8 “activities of daily living” — famous as ADL’s — that embody activities like walking and showering yourself.

“If we try to do it by myself, we tumble on my butt,” he says.

In a created report, a alloy approved that Jerry indispensable estimable assistance with 7 of a 8 ADL’s.

But CNA deserted his claim. The word association also deserted his ask to reconsider.

“Never saw him, never talked to him, nothing!” says Joe Mansheim, Jerry’s son. “Denied, denied, denied, denied, denied.”

After training that CNA denied Jerry coverage, Jane Manske, a Registered Nurse during a assisted vital trickery where he was vital wrote a minute to a word company.

“Clearly Mr. Mansheim satisfies during slightest dual areas of ADL’s requiring earthy assistance,” she concluded.

When KARE 11 began investigating, we fast schooled that Mansheim is not alone in being denied prolonged tenure caring coverage.

CNA is confronting a category movement lawsuit in Connecticut for allegedly denying prolonged tenure health caring claims. Another fit filed in California alleges an “abusive claims process” and a “widespread scheme” to “delay and deny…benefits to thousands of aged routine holders.”

Critics contend word companies mostly widen a claims routine out some-more than a year – putting seniors like Jerry in a unsafe spot.

“The claims routine is so toilsome that advantages are not being paid,” says Bonnie Burns, a nationally famous consultant on long-term caring word with California Health Advocates. Burns has testified before a U.S, Senate’s Special Committee on Aging.

“People can potentially remove their home in a process,” she warns.

That’s only what happened to Jerry. Unable to compensate for his care, a Mansheim family began offered off his effects so a family home could be incited over to a bank.

“It’s destroying us,” says Joe Mansheim.

When KARE 11 schooled of his story, we questioned CNA. A association orator told us they couldn’t plead “specifics of any claims” though were “evaluating new information.”

The really subsequent day, CNA concluded to compensate up.

The association sent Jerry a notice observant that he had “satisfied a conditions of eligibility.”

“I entirely trust in my heart of hearts that if we guys hadn’t called and pronounced we’re doing a story on this, they’d have denied it again,” says Jerry’s son.

CNA released a matter to KARE 11, essay in partial that they essay “to yield a top turn of veteran and satisfactory diagnosis of a customers” and “are always peaceful to cruise new information, as applicable.”

As for a lawsuits we mentioned, CNA tells us they’re “actively fortifying them.” In justice papers, a association “denies a explain routine is burdensome.” CNA says it had “a reasonable basis” for denying coverage and is “dedicated to customers”.

“Yeah right!” replies Joe Mansheim. “Like father said, ‘What about all a other thousands and thousands they’re denying that don’t have we guys job them up.'”

For Jerry Mansheim, life might have slowed down, though this former commander says he’s not prepared to be grounded.

“I consider I’ll get into writing,” he told us. “I have lots of memories.”

If we feel your word association is not treating we fairly, we can record a censure with a Minnesota Department of Commerce.

Investigators there will do an outmost examination of your case. For information on how to record that censure we can go to: http://mn.gov/commerce/insurance/consumers/tools/complaints/insurance-complaints.jsp

The Senior LinkAge Line is a Minnesota Board on Aging’s giveaway statewide information and assistance service. Visit their website for some-more resources.

You can also strech a Senior LinkAge Line during 1-800-333-2433.

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