Justin Ross & Leanna Harris Had A $25k Life Insurance Policy For Cooper

New information continues to hurl out in a box opposite Justin Ross Harris, including that he and his wife, Leanna Harris, had a almost vast life word process on their son’s life.

Justin Ross Harris, 33, seemed in justice on Jul 3 for a conference in that a state of Georgia plainly laid out their box opposite him. Among a intolerable new sum suggested opposite Justin in a purported murder of his son, Cooper Harris, 22 months, is that he and his wife, Leanna Harris, had not one though dual life word policies for their son.

Justin Ross Leanna Harris’ Life Insurance Policy For Cooper


Just when we cruise this box could not get any some-more shocking, it does. How sad.

Det. Phil Stoddard has suggested that small Cooper had not one, though TWO life word policies on his life.

During a Jul 3 hearing, a questioner common that there were policies for $2,000 and $25,000 for the 22-month-old.

Justin Ross Harris Was ‘Sexting’ With 6 Women While His Son Died

Apparently, Justin’s wife, Leanna, “was angry about his purchasing, occasionally purchasing or overcharging credit cards.”

This is only a latest in a array of new justification that has totally blown a minds.

Earlier in a hearing, Det. Stoddard suggested that while Cooper was failing of hyperthermia inside Justin’s car, a father-of-one was “sexting” with during slightest 6 opposite women.

It should be remarkable that both Justin and his wife, Leanna, have remained stoic and prosaic around a conference — even when Det. Stoddard described in hideous fact how Cooper looked hours after he died inside of his father’s vehicle.

Poor Cooper was already in strictness mortis, and Det. Stoddard suggested that he believes Cooper died before noon.

Our hearts pain for Cooper. Our thoughts go out to his extended desired ones during this intensely formidable time.

– Lauren Cox

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