J&K govt to breeze adult Overseas Employment Corporation

Taking note of a disaster to yield pursuit abroad to even a singular impoverished girl from a state during a past 6 years, a Jammu Kashmir supervision has motionless to breeze adult a Overseas Employment Corporation.

“It creates no clarity to have an classification doing positively nothing,’’ pronounced Finance Minister Dr Haseeb Drabu while holding examination of a Department of Employment, JK Women’s Development Corporation, JK Entrepreneurship Development, JK Overseas Employment Corporation on Monday. Minister of State for Finance Ajay Nanda was also benefaction during a meeting.

Directing circuitous adult of a Corporation, he pronounced that “there is need to have some vibrant, enterprising classification in place’’. This followed when apportion was sensitive that given a pregnancy in 2010, a money carnivorous Jammu and Kashmir had incurred an output of over Rs 1.42 crore on using a Corporation though any poignant contribution.


To make a state a elite end for recruitment by abroad employers, a afterwards Omar Abdullah supervision had determined Jammu and Kashmir State Overseas Employment Corporation Limited in 2010 with an certified share collateral of Rs 5 crore .

Pointing out that stagnation was among a largest hurdles confronting Jammu and Kashmir, Drabu called for plan of a extensive practice routine and finish overhauling of a Employment Department. He bound May 15 deadline for officials to move adult a “strategic paper’’ on restructuring Directorate of Employment and other associated departments.

Urging officials to have a new practice routine in place, he pronounced “as a state is in post-conflict phase, there is need to have a new routine vis-à-vis stream unfolding and not a one formulated decades ago’’. The dialect should not demeanour into providing jobs, though to overpass a opening of ability deficit, he insisted.

The financial apportion asked to “develop schemes not to make employees work, though to make girl workable’’. “Our schemes should not be a routine to yield work to district practice officer, though it is to be tailored for unemployed, unskilled, reduction prepared and untaught youth,’’ he added.

Commenting on a figure of 1.1 lakh girl purebred as impoverished in a state, Drabu called for some-more minute mapping as a series of impoverished has been more. He suggested online registration complement for intentional registration of impoverished youth, observant “it is annoyance to mount in a line for registration’’. “You make a complement online and incentivise it,’’ he added.


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