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JD.com might have been a initial Chinese e-commerce organisation to list on a Nasdaq, though a CEO says he’s not in any rush to list a company’s internet financial unit.

One of a reasons for spinning off JD Finance, JD.com’s financial arm, was a enterprise to enhance serve into a payments business, JD.com CEO and Chairman Richard Liu told CNBC’s “Managing Asia.”

The pierce would also eventually pave a approach for a destiny inventory for JD Finance, Liu acknowledged.

“As a internal [Chinese] company, [it’s] easier for us to get permit from a government. And second, we know … [for a] financial consumer business model, if we can list in China, it will be really good to promulgate with consumers,” Liu said.

The internet tradesman finished a spinoff JD Finance after initial announcing a intentions to do so in Mar this year.

As partial of a agreement, JD.com likely of a 68.6 percent interest it had in JD Finance for 14.3 billion yuan ($2.2 billion). Meanwhile, Liu acquired a 4.3 percent interest of JD Finance and infancy voting rights.

The reorder resulted in an arrangement now used by opposition Alibaba and a financial affiliate, Ant Financial.

However, when asked either he dictated for JD Finance to go open before Ant Financial, Liu pronounced he now had no bound time support for when accurately to take a section public. “Listing is not like a competition,” he said.

As for a heightening adversary between Alibaba and JD.com — a dual largest e-commerce players in China — Liu pronounced he was assured his association would shortly tighten a gap.

Alibaba’s Tmall has a marketplace share of 56.6 percent by sum sell value, fixation it initial among business-to-consumer online selling websites in China in 2016, according to iResearch Consultancy Group. JD.com now takes second place with a marketplace share of 24.7 percent.

“Within 5 years, I’m certain we will transcend them to be a largest B2C height in China,” Liu told CNBC.

“Because … we [have] always grown faster than them. And also since a user knowledge [is] always improved than any aspirant in China.”

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