‘It’s Hard To Find Qualified Applicants’ — Another Business Lie

Dear Liz,

I am an HR Manager for a flourishing consulting firm.

I determine with we that it’s not tough to find gifted people, even for a tiny organisation like ours, if we have a good enlightenment and compensate reasonable salaries.

I have never had a tough time anticipating good people to hire, even yet a tiny organisation doesn’t have a perks and advantages a incomparable competitors offer.

We provide a pursuit field like gold, since a association has no products to sell. We have no patents. All we have is a people.

I go to HR networking meetings and hear HR people contend “It’s so rival out there! It’s so tough to find good people!”

Of march it’s tough to find people to sinecure when we make field wait for weeks between interviews, put them by absurd stairs in a employing routine and ask them scornful talk questions.

Any association could get a same outrageous rival advantage my association gets usually by modernizing their recruiting routine to make it quick and friendly.

They would never protest about a problem of stuffing their pursuit openings again if they would usually re-design their recruiting routine to make it some-more appealing to candidates.

Why don’t they do it?




Dear Heather,

Hats off to we and your team!

Here are 5 reasons most large, medium-sized and even tiny employers can’t get their recruiting act together and therefore protest about hypothetical Talent Shortages instead:

  1. They are not early adopters like you — they are worried creation large changes.
  2. They can't change their mindset divided from a sleepy aged idea that in sequence to sinecure good people, we have to put field by mixed vapid and scornful stairs in a recruiting process.
  3. They do not have a organizational poke to introduce a vital changes in their recruiting apparatus that forward-looking companies like yours have adopted.
  4. They do not know that recruiting is a sales and selling activity.
  5. At a deeper level, they trust that their value to a classification is firm adult with their ability to reviews gazillions of resumes and talk tons of people, and afterwards tell many of those people “No thanks.”

Companies that miss a idealist CEO and/or HR personality will usually realize that they can't abuse pursuit seekers and be successful when a “talent shortages” they protest about get so bad that they have to stop and demeanour in a mirror.

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