Italy warns Swiss over Swiss-first practice referendum

Italian officials are warning that Switzerland could face consequences after electorate in a extent canton of Ticino authorized a referendum job on authorities to extend welfare to Swiss workers over foreigners in employment.

Fifty-eight percent of Ticino electorate authorized a measure, an tusk of a Swiss jingoist efforts to extent EU workers in Switzerland.

Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni tweeted that while a referendum had no unsentimental effect, “Swiss-EU family are during risk but giveaway dissemination of people.”

Free transformation is partial of Swiss-EU agreements resolved in 1999.

In an mocking twist, a many outspoken Italian censor of a Swiss outcome was Roberto Maroni, personality of Italy’s anti-immigrant Northern League. He complained that a opinion would mistreat Italians who work in Ticino and vowed to strengthen their rights.

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