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Israel criminialized Muslim group underneath a age of 50 from a Jerusalem holy site

Palestinians Protest Jerusalem Old City
scream slogans during a criticism over Israel’s new security
measures during a devalue housing al-Aqsa mosque, famous to
Muslims as Noble Sanctuary and to Jews as Temple Mount, in
Jerusalem’s Old City Jul 20, 2017.

REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel criminialized Muslim organisation underneath a age of 50
from a contested Jerusalem tabernacle Friday and deployed about
3,000 troops nearby, forward of approaching Muslim protests over the
designation of steel detectors during a holy site.

The age restrictions and troops deployment came hours after
Israel’s confidence Cabinet motionless not to overrule an earlier
troops preference to implement steel detectors during a gates to the
walled compound.

The flighty Jerusalem shrine, worshiped by Muslims and Jews,
sits during a core of opposition Israeli and Palestinian national
narratives and has triggered vital confrontations in a past.

Police commissioned a steel detectors progressing this week, after
Palestinian gunmen launched an conflict from a tabernacle and
killed dual Israeli policemen. Muslim leaders have supposed that
a steel detectors are partial of a supposed Israeli try to
enhance control over a site.

Israel has denied such allegations, arguing that metal
detectors are slight confidence devices.

Muslim leaders have called on worshippers to urge in the
streets nearby a tabernacle rather than travel by metal
detectors. Over a march of a week, flourishing numbers of
Palestinian worshippers have participated in such street
prayers, quite in a evenings. Following such prayers,
smaller numbers of Palestinian protesters have clashed with

On Thursday evening, troops dismissed rubber bullets, rip gas and
jolt grenades to sunder protesters who, according to police,
threw rocks and bottles. Paramedics from a Red Crescent said
37 people were harmed by rubber bullets, 3 of them

Friday is a prominence of a Muslim eremite week, and tens
of thousands of worshippers typically perform prayers during the
shrine, famous to Muslims as a Noble Sanctuary and to Jews as
a Temple Mount.

Muslim leaders have urged a true to abstain prayers in
smaller Jerusalem area mosques Friday and intersect on
a shrine, in an try to boost a throng size.

Police announced Friday that Muslim organisation underneath a age of 50
would be criminialized from a tabernacle and that it was sending
reinforcements to Jerusalem.

“Police and limit troops units mobilized in all areas and
neighborhoods,” pronounced orator Micky Rosenfeld,
adding that about 3,000 members of a confidence army had been

Israeli Police Palestinians Muslim Prayers Jerusalem Old City
limit troops mount safeguard as Palestinians take partial in evening
prayers outward a Lion’s Gate of Jerusalem’s Old City July
20, 2017.


A Palestinian advocacy organisation pronounced Israeli troops incarcerated 10
distinguished Palestinian activists in Jerusalem, including the
personality of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah movement
in a city.

Israeli troops had no evident comment.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s bureau pronounced the
confidence Cabinet motionless to defer to troops on security
arrangements during a shrine.

“The Cabinet certified a troops to make all decisions in
sequence to safeguard giveaway entrance to holy sites while ensuring
confidence and open order,” a matter said. It combined that
Israel is committed to preserving “the standing quo during a Temple
Mount and giveaway entrance to holy sites.”

The preference to defer to troops came amid reports of
feud among Israel’s confidence services about a need
for a steel detectors. The troops and a Shin Bet security
services, that understanding directly with Palestinians and potential
unrest, were reportedly against to a devices.

Israel had come underneath flourishing vigour this week, including
from confidence fan Jordan, to mislay a steel detectors.
Jordan is a protector of a Muslim-administered walled
compound, that houses a Al Aqsa and Dome of a Rock

The order of Jordan’s Hashemite dynasty, pronounced to snippet its
stock behind to a Prophet Muhammad, rests to a vast degree
on a purpose as defender of a site.


Associated Press author Karin Laub in a West Bank contributed

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