Is Your Customer Support Killing Your Business?


For a past several years I’ve beheld a trend. Customers are smarter than ever before. They know what it’s like to have a good patron use experience. They have schooled it from companies like Apple, Amazon and American Express to discuss a few CX stone stars – and that’s usually a few of a A’s! Even if we don’t contest with them, your business still design we to broach a allied experience.

That’s right, your business no longer review we usually to your competitors. They review we to any association that gives them good service, and if we tumble short, they ask themselves, “Why can’t we be as good as them?”

New investigate from NewVoiceMedia shows there are poignant gaps between patron preferences and reality. This means many companies are blank out on opportunities to broach a improved turn of service, generally by patron support centers where regulating new record could not usually assistance urge a altogether patron experience, though also assistance in holding onto existent customers, that leads to some-more business and, ideally, word-of-mouth referrals.

So here are some frightful truths. NewVoiceMedia surveyed support core professionals and found that scarcely a third – 32 percent – indicated that business had to speak to some-more than one representative in a march of their call. I’m peaceful to accept that some business might need to be “escalated” to a higher-level support repute who has a deeper bargain of a issue. But, what we won’t accept is a second finding, that is that 21 percent of a support centers force a patron to repeat their story since they don’t have a record that a patron had formerly talked to someone else. In today’s patron service-focused world, that series should be zero, or tighten to it. There are copiousness of technologies out there that make it easy to lane all of a interactions a patron has with a association in one patron record that is easy for a support repute to access, review and understand.

Another anticipating shows that usually 5 percent of a people interviewed cruise monitoring amicable media channels as a primary process for patron feedback. Only 5 percent! Are we teasing me? This is one of a easiest ways to get genuine feedback and respond to customers, appreciating a certain comments and branch rants into probable PR opportunities when a association “socially” resolves a customer’s complaint.

Depending on your association and industry, a investigate might or might not be accurate. But, even if a numbers aren’t utterly this impassioned – maybe they are dual or 3 times improved – a judgment binds loyal for any association in any form of industry. If we aren’t entirely invested in a patron use and CX initiative, we are during risk of losing your business to competitors that are.

Dennis Fois, CEO  at NewVoiceMedia, says, “Customers design seamless, unchanging and high-touch practice each time they rivet with a brand, and hit centers contingency be versed with a record that will concede agents to yield these forms of interactions. It’s time for businesses to get improved during gripping adult by adopting newer, smarter and some-more fit cloud-based patron use technologies.”

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