Is Your Business Prepared for a SaaS Tsunami?

You don’t always have to select between confidence and capability when faced with a hurdles of ‘Shadow IT.’

Over a final few years, Software-as-a-Service adoption in a craving morphed from a delayed drip to a deluge. According to Gartner investigate (registration required), a normal classification uses between 600 and 1,000 SaaS apps – though many IT departments have discernment into usually 7% of them. The other 93% tumble into a difficulty of Shadow IT. This app blast total with IT teams’ inability to lane it has combined a ideal charge of cybersecurity vulnerabilities that jeopardise organizations and their customers.

Rogue SaaS adoption invites a horde of risks, from defenceless corporate data, including privately identifiable worker or customer information, remuneration label sum and egghead property, to squandered IT spend on new SaaS subscriptions. And when a IT dialect has a SaaS blind spot, it might destroy to locate instances of regulatory noncompliance, or devaluate app permissions when an worker leaves a company.   

Each month, new SaaS vendors emerge to benefit on user direct for apps that accommodate a needs of a sold industry, organizational role, or use case. The some-more employees benefit SaaS apps themselves, a some-more third parties benefit entrance into organizations’ data. The ideal charge becomes a SaaS tsunami.

Yet, notwithstanding these threats, there is an upside to this phenomenon. In many cases, a intentions behind employees’ illegal app use are good; they crave resources that assistance them work faster, smarter, and some-more collaboratively. Organizations that omit a SaaS tsunami will expected get swept adult by a force though those that take movement have an event to not usually equivocate a crisis, though clear business value.

With a presentation of cloud temperament and entrance government solutions from a handful of vendors (including OneLogin), organizations don’t have to select between confidence and productivity. Here are 4 petrify stairs business and IT confidence leaders can take to float out a storm:

  • Step One: Follow a money: Ironically, there is a discerning and effective non-technical approach organizations can display shade app adoption: refurbish your accounting processes. The law is, really few employees squeeze their possess SaaS subscriptions and destroy to responsibility them. By adding a “SaaS subscription” difficulty on corporate responsibility reports, we can set a custom to forewarn IT whenever a new app squeeze is processed.
  • Step Two: Implement a cloud entrance confidence broker: Cloud entrance confidence brokers (CASBs) can offer as an IT department’s SaaS sonar, uncovering what illegal apps their users are running. Sitting between finish users (i.e., their browsers and mobile devices) and cloud vendors, CASBs give IT prominence into what corporate information is in a cloud, and extend governance policies by monitoring for threats and correspondence gaps.
  • Step Three: Market a finish user advantages of single-sign on (SSO): For employees to change their behavior, they need to know what’s in it for them. Keeping lane of dozens of app passwords (or, in many cases, dozens of variations on a same password) has turn a primary disappointment of a cloud age. This presents an event for IT to teach users about a capability of SSO solutions, that yield one-click entrance to all a apps they need, from any device.
  • Step Four: Embrace Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS): Paired with cloud entrance confidence brokers and singular sign-on, IDaaS bolsters organizations’ invulnerability opposite a perils of brute app use. IDaaS ensures a aloft grade of cue complexity, enforces multi-factor authentication when users login from a new or surprising location, and lets IT fast adjust entrance permissions in response to specific events (e.g., when an worker quits.)

Successfully creation it by a SaaS tsunami isn’t a zero-sum game. With a right strategy, businesses can breeze adult stronger than when they started.   

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