Intuit unveils new financial height Turbo

Intuit is rising a new product that aims to spin TurboTax into a year-around financial services tool, and eventually a some-more solid source of Inuit’s corporate revenues.


The height is called Turbo, and Intuit says it allows consumers to build a financial health form formed on their accurate IRS-filed income, credit measure and debt-to-income ratio. That information is used in dual primary ways.

In one, a information is anonymized and used to benchmark consumers opposite categories including geography, age, and life theatre to yield an thought of where they mount financially before doing things like requesting for a credit card, loan or mortgage.

The information is also used by third-party companies — including stream Turbo partners Discover, Honest Dollar by Goldman Sachs, Quicken Loans, SoFi and TransUnion — to broach hyper-targeted offers formed on a person’s financial situation. Intuit says a information is still anonymized when used by partners and stresses that consumers can opt in or out of pity their information for offers.

Eventually, Turbo will let consumers use their stored information as an identifier opposite a operation of financial services, enabling things like single-sign-on entrance and auto-completion of forms to speed adult approvals from loans.

“As a devoted valet of financial data, we have forlorn insights into a financial opinion of millions of consumers,” pronounced Dan Wernikoff, EVP and GM of Intuit’s consumer group. “There’s a extensive event to capacitate business to clear this information for a mutual advantage of both a business and devoted financial partners.”

This isn’t Intuit’s initial pull into a open-platform space. Last December, Intuit non-stop TurboTax to developers for a initial time ever, that effectively paved a approach for today’s launch of Turbo.

The association formerly gave developers entrance to a QuickBooks accounting software, ensuing in a major concentration on open platforms and partnerships to measure some-more tiny business customers. Turbo is Intuit’s try to replicate a success of QuickBooks though also to renovate altogether how consumers use a tax-prep software.


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