Insurance attention underneath investigation

Audits of a nation’s biggest word companies have unclosed a systemic use of insurers not profitable advantages on millions of policies – even when a companies knew a policyholder was deceased. Lesley Stahl reports that 25 word companies, though revelation wrongdoing, have concluded to compensate some-more than $7.5 billion in behind genocide advantages in a array of settlements reached with states opposite a country. Thirty-five companies still have not staid and sojourn underneath investigation. Stahl’s news will be promote on 60 Minutes, Sunday Apr 17 during 7 p.m. ET/PT.


Florida Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty

Insurance companies have prolonged confirmed that it is adult to policyholders’ beneficiaries to hit a word association and to record a explain in sequence to collect whatever genocide advantage might be due them. But if beneficiaries are unknowingly of a policy, they don’t know to record a explain – something that happens with startling frequency, says Kevin McCarty, a word commissioner of Florida who led a charge force questioning a industry. McCarty says a word companies don’t strech out to a beneficiaries — even when a insurers know of a policyholder’s death. “What we found is that companies have tangible believe in their files that people have died, nonetheless they have neglected to trigger an review and compensate a claim,” he tells Stahl.

One approach insurers schooled of someone’s genocide was by a use of a Social Security Administration’s Death Master File. McCarty says that many word companies used a Death Master File to their advantage, slicing off annuity, or retirement, advantages to policyholders when they died– though not regulating it to forewarn beneficiaries that they’re due a genocide benefit.

McCarty is worried by that practice. “I’m here to contend that we have a shortcoming to examine a explain if we know someone has died,” he says.

What’s even worse, says McCarty, is a use he detected involving whole life policies in that many insurers continued to make reward payments to themselves regulating their upheld customers’ money. What happened, McCarty says, is that policyholders built adult a money value in their policies over time, a nest egg they could entrance while alive. But after they upheld away, many of a word companies emptied down that accrued money value to compensate themselves premiums. It’s a tactic creatively designed to keep a process in force if a hilt has mislaid a financial ability to compensate premiums. But in this case, McCarty says it’s adding insult to injury. “Oh, by a way. If we hang that process in a shoe box and hang it in your closet, not usually are we not going to demeanour for you, though we’re going to take all a money value in it… Give it behind to a company. And leave your customer with nothing. Here, pointer here.”

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