Insurance Commissioner Gerhart stepping down

Iowa’s outspoken word commissioner is stepping down.

Nick Gerhart has quiescent effective Dec. 23, a governor’s bureau announced Monday.

Gerhart was allocated to a four-year post on Feb. 1, 2013. He pronounced in an talk Monday that he motionless not to find another term. His wife, Jessica, is awaiting their fourth child in early January, that led him to confirm on a career change, he said.

Gerhart, 41, oversaw law of all kinds of insurance, though he gained a many attention for assisting beam a state by health-insurance changes wrought by a Affordable Care Act.

The Republican’s duties enclosed traffic with the collapse of CoOportunity Health, a health-insurance mild set adult with millions of sovereign dollars underneath a Affordable Care Act, also famous as Obamacare.

Last month, Gerhart drew inhabitant notice for warning associate Republicans not to abruptly dissolution Obamacare before entrance adult with a suitable replacement. “An evident dissolution would lead to harmful consequences in a intrusion of people’s care, and emanate even some-more doubt for millions of Americans. To palliate a uncertainty, a transition time is compulsory for any whole or prejudiced suggested change,” he wrote in an letter posted online.

The commissioner also oversaw hearings on high reward increases for Iowans who squeeze their possess health insurance. He told angry business final Jul that he sympathized with their plight, though that he would have to approve increases deemed fit by statistical experts.

Gerhart pronounced Monday that he has not nonetheless found a new job, though substantially would breeze adult operative in insurance. “That’s kind of a attention we know,” he said, joking that he also could go behind to bartending.

Gerhart is a connoisseur of a University of Northern Iowa and St. Louis University Law School, and worked as a clamp boss for a Sammons Financial Group and American Equity Investment Life Insurance before apropos a state word commissioner.

He pronounced he expects to stay in a Des Moines area. “That’s my plan. we don’t consider we could drag my mother out of Iowa, and we like it here, too,” he pronounced with a chuckle. His predecessor as commissioner, Susan Voss, now works for a Des Moines word company.

The administrator praised Gerhart’s service. “He is a splendid and gifted particular who focused on safeguarding a open while creation a attention improved and some-more rival in a state. I wish to wish him a best in his destiny endeavors,” Branstad pronounced in a statement.

Branstad announced that he was appointing Deputy Commissioner Doug Ommen of Ankeny of halt word commissioner. Before holding his stream Iowa pursuit in 2013, Ommen worked some-more than 20 years in Missouri state government, including as the word commissioner.

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