In Chicago, many still onslaught to find work notwithstanding healthy practice figures. Here’s why.

Randall Steger was on lane for a gentle life. He had a grade in industrial engineering from Purdue University, a career in IT consulting for a production industry, and, by a time his dual daughters were born, a scarcely six-figure income.

Then, 15 years ago, Steger got laid off, and he has struggled to land fast practice ever since.

The 56-year-old Skokie male with an MBA is among a ranks of a long-term unemployed, so undone with a pursuit hunt that during times he has usually stopped looking.

With a inhabitant stagnation rate during a 16-year low and even a Chicago metro area, that lagged in a post-Great Recession recovery, posting record-low stagnation of 4.2 percent in May, it can seem that jobs are abundant for anyone who wants them.

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