I paid for no claims reward word – though my word reward has left up

I word my automobile with Zurich and compensate additional for no claims reward (NCB) protection. we had to make a explain this year for a initial time and was told thereafter that my reward would go adult notwithstanding a insurance. They pronounced that nonetheless my NCB stayed a same, a explain still influenced a premium. we don’t consider a millions of people profitable for this additional word realize this. RC, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire

You’re right, they don’t – as a cost comparison website uSwitch detected in a consult final year. The idea that NCB word will forestall premiums rising after a explain is a misconception that a word attention has, unsurprisingly, finished zero to discourage.

In fact a bonus is a commission of a reward that is knocked off. If we compensate to strengthen a NCB and afterwards make a explain a reward rises, mostly significantly. It could good be a box that we compensate some-more to word a NCB than we save should your reward rise. Belatedly a Competition and Markets Authority has realised a border of open difficulty and has systematic insurers to make a pricing and intensity assets of NCB word clearer. Come August, all sales element contingency mention how most an NCB is value and what a cost would be in a eventuality of a claim, so business can confirm if it’s value it.

Zurich says that a destiny process diction will state that NCB will not strengthen a altogether cost of an word process that might boost after an accident, even a no-fault one. “We recognize a disappointment that ambiguity can means and it is for this reason that we are operative tough to ensure, like a rest of a industry, that we follow this new, simplified law for a advantage of the customers,” says a spokesperson.

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