How Will Insurance Companies Handle Driverless Cars?

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SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – According to many, unconstrained cars are a future, with companies already in a routine of building them.

Although it’s still misleading when a initial cars will indeed strike a market, according to a Wall Street Journal, word companies are already warning that they could impact a approach they do business in a future.

Chunka Mui is co-founder and handling executive of a Devil’s Advocate Group, an fondness of vicious thinkers dedicated to assisting business leaders urge a robustness of their strategies and boost a contingency of success.

“In a near-term, when we have driverless cars, a guilt for accidents shifts from a motorist to a builder of a car. So we have a change from personal guilt word to product guilt insurance,” Mui told KCBS. “There’s no reason because word companies can’t ready for that. The longer tenure problem is when we have no accidents, we don’t need collision insurance. They’ll have to understanding with that, though it’s a prolonged approach off.”

Mui pronounced he believes word companies, rather than pull divided a risk, should welcome it and figure out how to protection driverless vehicles.  He pronounced a problems word companies are bringing adult could even pull behind a launch date of these cars.

“The initial doubt people ask when they consider about driverless cars is, what happens if there’s an accident?  Who is liable?  We can get ourselves held adult in a large tangle, and let that regulatory emanate check a enrichment and adoption of this technology,” he said.  “But consumers will humour it that happens.”

The word suppliers that spoke with a Wall Street Journal pronounced a warnings are not meant as a threat.  But a Journal reports that their inclusion in a locate all “Risk Factors” territory of corporate filings indicates that insurers feel they need to dwindle a risks to their investors.

A series of automobile makers and Silicon Valley companies already have driverless cars underneath development.  In fact, Google has been contrast a chronicle for some 6 years, and is hooping to have it on a marketplace by 2020.

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