How Do we Explain A Six-Year Employment Gap?

Dear Liz,

I am perplexing to return to a full-time workforce after 6 years away.

I left my pursuit as a Manager during a credit kinship to spend time with my sister when she mislaid her father unexpected 6 years ago. we was really blissful to be means to help. we survived on assets and dual part-time jobs.

Now that my niece and nephew are in second and third class and doing well, it’s time for me to get behind to work.

One of my part-time jobs was a sell pursuit that gave me a lot of amicable interaction when we indispensable it. The other part-time pursuit was a tiny consulting business portion inner churches and places of worship. we orderly kids’ events for girl ministries. we fell into a event and we adore a work.

I devise to give adult my sell pursuit and keep doing my girl method consulting work when we get hired into a full-time job. My problem is that recruiters (internal and external) keep revelation me that I’m unemployable because of my six-year practice gap.

I have listened recruiters contend “If we had taken time off to lift your possess kids, that would be one thing…” suggesting that my reason for holding time off wasn’t good adequate to greatfully them.

One recruiter even pronounced “We don’t cruise possibilities with prolonged practice gaps.”

How can we explain my six-year gap?

Thanks Liz,



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