Groups: California Auto Repair Regs Will Increase Auto Insurance Rates

As a California Department of Insurance stages hearings on due regulations designed to give some-more income to automobile physique correct shops, a handful of property/casualty word trade associations are voicing their antithesis to a proposals.

The groups are: The American Insurance Association, a Association of California Insurance Companies, a National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies, a Pacific Association of Domestic Insurance Companies and a Personal Insurance Federation of California.

CDI is proposing automobile physique labor rate consult and steering regulations. The automobile physique labor rate consult law is a prescriptive proceed on how companies should control a labor rate survey. CDI primarily estimates that these regulations would cost roughly $1.17 million.

Both regulations surpass CDI’s management and are examples of regulatory overreach that will eventually expostulate adult costs for consumers, a associations argue.

autobodyThe trade associations also remonstrate that a regulations will advantage consumers as “higher labor rates” could boost word premiums.

“The magnitude and astringency of automobile accidents are augmenting nationally and are causing California automobile physique correct costs to skyrocket,” Armand Feliciano, ACIC clamp president, pronounced in a statement. “California’s sum detriment cost per insured automobile has been climbing and a expansion rate given 2013 is now a 4th top in a nation. CDI’s due regulations are black since they supplement costs to a complement already struggling with surging costs. These costs could boost premiums paid by California drivers.”

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