Governor Haslam Defends Insurance Commissioner McPeak


Governor Haslam came to a invulnerability of his Commerce and Insurance Commissioner, Julie McPeak, after NewsChannel 5 Investigates suggested she has traveled extensively outward of Tennessee on all responsibility paid trips that critics called a dispute of interest.


We talked with a administrator about what we uncovered.


Governor Haslam pronounced he has no problem with how his word commissioner Julie McPeak has been spending her time.


Questions Surround Commissioner’s Travel

Commissioner Works For Insurance Industry Funded Group; Critics Call It A Conflict of Interest


“Julie’s worked for me for 6 years. we am really assured of her veteran proceed to this in terms of looking out for what’s a best interests of a state,” Haslam explained. 

If we were a governor, we would be asking, ‘where’s my word commissioner?'” Andy Spears told NewsChannel 5 Investigates.


“The attention got accurately what they wanted with a really high rate boost in health word in Tennessee while she’s holding income in a form of trips from a word industry. And that seems to me to be a outrageous dispute of interest. Her series one pursuit should be to urge Tennesseans and to strengthen Tennesseans. And instead she’s safeguarding and fortifying a word industry,” Spears said.


“So we don’t have any concerns?” asked NewsChannel 5 Investigates.


The administrator pronounced someone in his bureau reviews all transport requests from commissioners. So someone there knew only how many trips McPeak was taking. 

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