Gov. Abbott calls special event on bathrooms, abortion, propagandize finance

Gov. Greg Abbott on Tuesday called a special event of a Texas Legislature starting Jul 18 and betrothed to make it a unconditional one if lawmakers cooperate.

Abbott gave legislators an desirous 19-item bulletin to work on — including a “bathroom bill” — though usually after they approve must-pass legislation that they unsuccessful to allege during a unchanging session. An overtime round, Abbott said, was “entirely avoidable.”

“Because of their inability or refusal to pass a elementary law that would forestall a medical contention from shutting down, I’m announcing a special event to finish that unprepared business,” Abbott told reporters. “But if I’m going to ask taxpayers to feet a check for a special session, we intend to make it count.”

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick had been pulling Abbott to call a special event on a lavatory issue, as good as skill taxes. Abbott also combined a latter object to a call, reiterating his support for legislation that would emanate involuntary rollback elections when a city or county wants to lift skill taxes above a certain amount.

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In an bid to force a special session, Patrick had hold warrant legislation, famous as a “sunset bill,” that would keep some state agencies from closing. That “will be a usually legislation on a special event [agenda] until they pass out of a Senate in full,” Abbott said.

In a statement, Patrick congratulated Abbott on his “big and confidant special event bulletin that solidly reflects a priorities of a people of Texas.” Patrick remarkable that “almost any issue” Abbott mentioned Tuesday has already upheld out of a Senate.

House Speaker Joe Straus, R-San Antonio, offering a some-more pale response to Abbott’s announcement. “The House looks brazen to resuming a work on propagandize financial and other hurdles confronting this state,” he pronounced in a statement.

Democrats unfurled statements condemning Abbott for proposing an bulletin that mostly appeals to Republican primary voters.

“Gov. Abbott’s proclamation currently simply shows what an ineffectual administrator and personality he has been,” pronounced state Rep. Chris Turner of Arlington, who chairs a House Democratic Caucus. “After providing 0 caring and seductiveness during a unchanging session, a administrator is clearly panicking and perplexing to trowel as many red beef as he can to his worried Tea Party base.”

“Bathroom bill”

The sprawling list of equipment ranges from unprepared business in a unchanging event — propagandize financial remodel and propagandize choice for special needs students — to longtime regressive priorities, such as anti-abortion measures and a crackdown on mail-in list fraud. But a lavatory issue, a priority of Patrick’s that dominated a unchanging session, is approaching to be among a many argumentative charges.

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“At a minimum, we need a law that protects a remoteness of a children in a open schools,” Abbott said, reiterating his support for a offer that never done it to his desk, House Bill 2899, that would stop existent metropolitan and propagandize districts’ trans-inclusive lavatory policies and forestall locals from enacting any new policies.

The discuss over lavatory policies was, in part, what left Abbott to cruise a special session. Patrick — who championed despotic policies to extent lavatory use to sex during birth — forced a special by holding warrant legislation indispensable to continue some state agencies, including a Texas Medical Board, that licenses a state’s doctors. 

The House, underneath Straus, refused to go really distant on a issue. HB 2899 died in a cabinet and Straus refused to impute a Senate’s offer to a committee. The House eventually voted on a measure singular to schools that some pronounced would do small to forestall administrators from needing transgender students to use bathrooms that compare their gender identity.

Under Patrick’s leadership, a Senate deserted that due compromise, arguing it didn’t go distant enough. That left a presiding officers in a stand-off after Straus pronounced he wouldn’t go any serve on a issue since doing so could be unpropitious to exposed children and repairs a state’s mercantile vitality.

Abortion and maternal mortality

Abbott also put anti-abortion legislation on a docket, including resurrecting Sen. Larry Taylor‘s Senate Bill 20, that would need women to compensate a apart reward if they wish their health devise to cover an elective abortion. Taylor’s check would have authorised health skeleton to cover abortions that are deemed medically necessary. The legislation did not make exceptions for cases of rape or incest.

Another object on a list is a check that would extend a state’s Task Force on Maternal Mortality and Morbidity until 2023. The charge force is obliged for investigate and providing a state with recommendations on how to quell a rate of mothers failing reduction than a year after giving birth. Task force members have voiced that they need some-more time to investigate causes of deaths among women.

Elsewhere on a call are a check that would boost provider stating mandate on termination complications and one that would sequence medical providers to follow “do-not-resuscitate” requests from patients.

Abbott is also seeking lawmakers to take adult legislation that would demarcate internal and state supervision agencies from constrictive with termination providers and their affiliates. State and sovereign law already demarcate taxdollars from appropriation abortion. 

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Property taxes

Efforts to renovate a property estimation and taxation rate routine fell apart during a unchanging event after a dual chambers couldn’t determine on what constituted suggestive reform.

The skill taxes that Texas homeowners compensate are dynamic by how many estimation districts contend land and buildings are value and a taxation rates that internal supervision entities like cities, counties and special purpose districts any set.

The state is constitutionally taboo from collecting skill taxes, though such revenues mostly account internal governments. School districts also collect skill taxes, though were not a concentration of legislation this year.

State Sen. Paul Bettencourt, R-Houston, authored a check during a unchanging event that would have altered how skill appraisals are conducted and appealed. His check also would have compulsory internal governments to get voter capitulation if their due taxation rate was approaching to boost their altogether revenues by 5 percent or more. Current law allows electorate to petition for such an choosing if revenues are approaching to boost 8 percent or more.

The Senate upheld Bettencourt’s bill, though that chronicle never done it out of a House Ways and Means Committee. The reduce cover corroborated an renovate of a estimation routine and focused on changing how and what Texans are told about skill taxation rates. It released a argumentative involuntary choosing provision.

School finance

Both “private propagandize choice” and propagandize financial were on Abbott’s special event agenda, as good as bills that would boost clergyman compensate and coherence for clergyman hiring.

A House check to inject $1.5 billion into open schools and facilitate formulas for allocating that income died when a Senate combined a “private propagandize choice” sustenance for special needs students, that a House opposed.

Rep. Dan Huberty, R-Houston, also killed a Senate check that would have shaped a elect to investigate propagandize financial in a interim, arguing legislators didn’t need additional investigate and should have upheld a House reforms.

Mail-in list fraud

In job for lawmakers to moment down on mail-in list fraud, Abbott cited a high-profile investigation of mail-in list irregularities inspiring Dallas City Council races.

Examining mail-in balloting would put Texas on a new trail for shoring adult elections — by addressing a disadvantage that’s indeed documented.

Lawmakers 6 years ago upheld a nation’s strictest voter print marker law, a politically quarrelsome magnitude that sovereign judges contend disproportionately done it worse for Latino and black Texans to vote. That law usually practical to ballots expel in-person, where experts have found meagre justification of widespread trouble.

During this year’s unchanging session, a Legislature did send Abbott an under-the-radar check that would residence one form of mail-in list rascal — overhauling voting during nursing homes.

Bills sealed by Abbott

During his announcement, Abbott also pronounced he sealed into law several bills from a unchanging session:

Senate Bill 8 bans a many common second-trimester termination procession and requires health caring comforts such as hospitals and termination clinics to bury or cremate fetal stays — either from abortion, miscarriage or stillbirth. The law also bans comforts from donating aborted fetal hankie to medical researchers and outlaws “partial-birth abortions,” that are already bootleg underneath sovereign law.

House Bill 62 creates a statewide texting-while-driving ban. However, Abbott warned during his announcement that a check he sealed “did not entirely grasp my goals” and called for “legislation that entirely pre-empts cities and counties from any law of mobile inclination in vehicles” during a special session.

House Bill 501 forces inaugurated officials and comparison state officials to exhibit any financial relations they have with supervision entities.

House Bill 2908 creates transgression offenses for creation terroristic threats to, unlawfully confining or assaulting, and causing critical corporeal damage to military officers and judges. 

Senate Bill 21 outlines a duties and stipulations of Texas representatives should a gathering of states to rectify a U.S. Constitution happen.

Senate Bill 500 makes inaugurated officials incompetent to collect open pensions if convicted of a transgression associated to open corruption. SB 500 also requires convicted officeholders to empty their positions on a clear conviction.

Here are a 20 equipment on a special event call, as described by Abbott’s office:

  • “Sunset” legislation, which would keep several essential state agencies alive
  • A clergyman compensate lift of $1,000       
  • Giving propagandize administrators coherence in clergyman employing and retention 
  • School financial reform 
  • School choice for special needs students
  • Rollback elections for skill taxation increases
  • Caps on state and internal spending
  • Preventing cities from controlling what skill owners do with trees on private land
  • Preventing internal governments from changing manners mid by construction projects
  • Speeding adult internal supervision needing processes
  • Municipal cast reform
  • Preventing internal entities from flitting their possess texting-while-driving bans
  • Restrictions on propagandize lavatory use for transgender students
  • Prohibiting a use of taxpayer dollars to collect kinship dues
  • Prohibiting a use of taxpayer appropriation to finance health providers that also perform abortion
  • Requiring women to get apart word policies to cover non-emergency abortions
  • Increasing existent stating mandate when complications arise during abortions
  • Strengthening studious protections relating to do-not-resuscitate orders
  • Cracking down on mail-in list fraud
  • Extending a state’s maternal mankind charge force 

Neil Thomas, Brandon Formby, Aliyya Swaby, Marissa Evans, Alexa Ura and Jim Malewitz contributed to this report.

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