Georgia businesses combined 83000+ jobs final year, set practice records

Last year was a good year in Georgia for pursuit creation, practice and increases in a workforce.

During 2017 in Georgia, some-more than 83,000 new jobs were created, thousands some-more were employed and stagnation was down 1.1 percent, according to a recover from a Department of Labor.

“As we demeanour behind during a year, it was impressive,” Commissioner Mark Butler said. “Over a year each vital dimensions softened considerably. In fact, we set annals in several areas such as jobs, practice and work force.”

In December, Georgia combined 5,600 new jobs to finish a year with an all-time record high of 4.52 million. The state grew jobs in all vital practice sectors solely manufacturing, where 3,800 jobs were lost.

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In December, 26,117 initial claims for stagnation word were filed, down by 20 percent from 12 months ago.

For a year, 325,597 initial stagnation claims were filed — a lowest series posted given 1997. The 2017 numbers were down by 46,535 from 2016. Also, a state’s stagnation rate fell from 5.5 percent to 4.4 percent over a 12-month cycle.

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