Funny how this business works sometimes

Tom from Fairfield, CT

So how would we clear a perspective that a Packers are improved off with Martellus Bennett than Jared Cook?

They defended a veteran, playmaking parsimonious finish a offense needs, and maybe kept some-more top room toward re-signing Lang or Lacy, or bringing in another giveaway agent, or fluctuating Clinton-Dix or Linsley by a finish of subsequent season, or something else I’m not meditative of.

Nathan from Baltimore, MD

For as many as everybody complains that this site can’t announce Packers exchange until a central press recover goes out, we found it unequivocally gratifying to see an central proclamation that a Packers had sealed a big-name giveaway agent, afterwards checked other media outlets and see them usually starting to news unknown rumors that we were meddlesome in him. You have to admire TT for gripping things underneath wraps, right?

It was identical to how still a Peppers bargain was 3 years ago, usually this was on Day 2 of giveaway agency, and apparently in a midst of negotiating with another actor during a same position. Funny how this business works sometimes.

Kyler Fackrell Street usually got brighter.

Harun from Stolac, Bosnia

With so many immature CBs, do we consider that removing an gifted free-agent CB would solve a conditions in a secondary?

I pronounced progressing this week a maestro dilemma would be a good addition, though no singular crew pierce is going to “solve” a pass defense. Randall, Rollins and Gunter contingency continue to develop. That’s unequivocally what it comes down to, and that would be a box even if a Packers had outbid a Patriots for Stephon Gilmore.

Curt from Westby, WI

Will a organisation like Cleveland with 27 picks in dual years run into difficulty when all those rookie contracts finish in a same year?

If a Browns breeze well, yes, though it’ll be good difficulty to have. If they don’t, no difficulty during all.

Kevin from Rockton, IL

Spoff, lies, darned lies and statistics. we trust no percentages unless they extend to 3 places over a decimal. In a future, greatfully be some-more precise.

Duly noted. Speaking of math …

Bruce from Bloomington, IL

There are 3 forms of teams in terms of top management. Those that can do a math, and those that can’t.

I like that.

Barton from Tulum, Mexico

Are a Packers meddlesome in signing LB DeAndre Levy? we like that he is from Wisconsin like we am though has trafficked all around a world. He seems like he would be a reputable change in a locker room, and if he is healthy he is a energetic inside LB.

I have no suspicion if a Packers have any seductiveness in Levy, though we consider injuries have attacked him of what should have been some of his best football days. we can remember during slightest twice walking divided from Packers-Lions games we lonesome desiring Levy was a best actor on a margin that day, and that’s observant something when Rodgers, Megatron, et al, were partial of those rivalries.

Jeremy from Roberts, WI

Hey rubes! Listening to a internal radio uncover this morning, and they were articulate about how many impact signing to a organisation in Florida is with a taxation benefits. The horde says that players don’t get a taxation mangle for a divided games, usually a home games. Is this fact? we suspicion we were taxed formed usually on where we live. Keep adult a good work!

I don’t know a details and outs of all a taxation laws, though there’s during slightest some law to that, since even we have to record income taxation forms in mixed states any year. Not any state a Packers play in, though some. we get it as distant as rarely paid veteran athletes are concerned, though it certain is a pain for a rube like me.

Chuck from Poynette, WI

Hi Insiders! My doubt regards saving picks for subsequent year. Are a picks rewarded for a value of any player’s agreement separately? Looks like Hyde’s and Tretter’s contracts sum around $5 or 6 million a year each, that is flattering tighten to Casey Hayward’s agreement final year, so would those contracts equal dual fifth-round picks? we was anticipating they would mix them and we competence accept a third-rounder! we know a NFL’s regulation isn’t an accurate science, though we suspicion we could illuminate me.

No approach to tell right now. Losing Peppers, gaining Bennett are in a equation now, too. Green Bay’s full net gain/loss in giveaway organisation hasn’t been dynamic yet, and when it is, it will count on how it compares to other teams. That’s what creates a regulation so tough to interpret from year to year.

David from Lake Forest, IL

Lombardi: “Winning isn’t everything, it’s a usually thing.” Spofford: “I don’t get a all-or-nothing mentality.” Why would we advise fans settle for “good enough” rather than a ultimate thought of value and championships? It isn’t a skip of appreciation for a wins we do have, we penchant any one of them. It is a bargain that a well-developed play of Rodgers during a many vicious position on a margin presents a singular opportunity. we will suffer a game-in-and-game-out float subsequent season, though this fan won’t apologize for wanting some-more for his organisation and for that actor in particular.

I’m not observant we should, and we won’t apologize for it, either. My criticism was in response to someone suggesting they’d rather have a high breeze collect this year than see a Packers win 8 true and come one win divided from a Super Bowl final year. I’ll never get that sentiment.

Margeaux from Tallahassee, FL

Now that Micah is gone, who gets initial shot during a punt-return duties? Has Jeff Janis ever been attempted there?

I consider Trevor Davis will have a outrageous event on punt earnings subsequent season.

Brad from Mounds View, MN

Insiders, so Gilmore is snatched adult by theory who, a Patriots. The Packers remove Hyde and a Packers again are a bridesmaids for a difference-maker during corner. What did a Patriots see that a front bureau seems to consistently skip out on? The Patriots were peaceful to mangle a bank for this guy, and they were not even unfortunate for corners like we are.

The Patriots sealed Gilmore to reinstate Logan Ryan and to aegis opposite a intensity detriment of Malcolm Butler, possibly this year (if they confirm to trade him) or subsequent (when he becomes an unlimited giveaway agent). we know a Packers have not sufficient transposed Sam Shields, and some swell contingency be done in that courtesy this offseason, though let’s know New England’s situation, please.

David from Athens, AL

Which diversion are we many looking brazen to subsequent year? Why?

At Carolina usually got some-more interesting. Fourth down, diversion on a line, Ripkowski v. Peppers? I’ll be watching.

Matt from Hartford, WI

Is there a position organisation in this breeze value double-dipping into?

Pass-rusher and corner, definitely. Maybe using back, too, depending on what happens with Lacy and if there’s a possibility to trade behind for some-more picks.

Justin from Titonka, IA

If Thompson always wants to keep as many of his possess guys as possible, because is it that any year during slightest one of a giveaway agents says that he wasn’t even done an offer? Are their numbers usually that distant off from any other?

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Ruben from Portsmouth, VA

Hyde pronounced we didn’t give him an offer. How or because would we not even put adult an offer to Hyde? Your thoughts, please.

Since we asked so nicely, if you’ve pegged a player’s value during distant reduction than he’s being offering on a open market, and your offer is not going to come close, because insult a player? You appreciate him for a good times and wish him a best. It’s a cold and cruel business, though teams that trust in their approach will trust it and stay disciplined. It’s identical with a draft. Teams will value players differently, usually as teams have varying grades on breeze picks.

Kerry from Margate City, NJ

Ever watch Terry Cummings or Sidney Moncrief play? we am an aged 76ers fan and used to adore examination a 76ers and Bucks go during it in playoffs.

They had some classical postseason array in a ’80s when we was a kid. we enjoyed examination a NBA many some-more afterwards than now. Not unequivocally certain why.

Max from Milwaukee, WI

I desired what Mike Daniels pronounced when they asked him about a “Run a table” soundbite. He pronounced if we need those speeches we should go home. Vic’s right. These guys don’t need large speeches.

Guys like Daniels, no. But infrequently a younger guys do, and they need to know when a veterans trust in them.

Austin from Galesville, WI

Russ Ball is during it again! While Packer fans were being repelled by Perry’s $60 million deal, we was being vacant by a reduction than one-third guaranteed income and top hits of $6 and $10 million a initial dual years. Russ is an unsung hero. Can we give us some suspicion of how a top sorceress does it?

I don’t know, though he certain plays a meant pinball.

Maximillian from Sydney, Australia

What we can’t know is a volume of people who post in this forum blaming a front bureau for not meaningful what they are doing. Your heads contingency be bruise from all a banging on a walls.

But it feels so good when we get to stop. Have a good weekend, everybody.



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