Full-Time Employment Is Great For Employers — Not So Great For You

Dear Liz,

I had a good pursuit for 3 years though my pursuit was eliminated.

It’s uncanny to work your tail off for 3 years and strike your goals, and afterwards be told “We don’t need your pursuit anymore.”


Since afterwards we have had a tough time anticipating a good job.

The initial pursuit we got after being laid off was a full-time, salaried job. That pursuit paid adequate to cover my bills and put divided a small money each month.

I worked prolonged days and a lot of nights and weekends. After one year we got a one percent lift though we figured it’s improved than no lift during all.

There were signs that a association was formulation to outsource a work. When they did, 18 months after we started a job, we lerned my replacement.

When we got laid off we didn’t get any severance, usually my stagnation check that didn’t come tighten to covering my bills. we used adult my whole accessible credit on dual opposite credit cards.

I job-hunted for 4 months and finally found a pursuit that pays $22/hour. I’m doing that pursuit now. It’s a full-time pursuit but there are no worker benefits.

I don’t get vacation or ill time and a association doesn’t minister to my word premium. we am starting to consider that full-time practice is not a approach to go anymore.

Two of my friends work for themselves and they have to compensate for their possess insurance, though if we have to compensate for it anyway operative a full-time pursuit afterwards maybe that is a new reality.

If we worked for myself we could explain a lot of losses as a business owners that we can’t explain on my taxation lapse now. Right now we have no time to devise and launch a business though if we get laid off again, that’s what I’m going to do. Do we have any recommendation for me?



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