From Oprah to a word man, Montecito residents tilt from devastation

From Oprah Winfrey to reduction obvious names, residents of a Montecito area common stories of a lethal mudslides and gave any other support and perspective.

The mudslides killed during slightest 15 people, and firefighters were still perplexing to rescue dozens trapped in canyons above a city.

Along Eleven Oaks Lane, Kevin Hujing, 27, and David Cradduck, 66, were out Wednesday morning, shovels in palm — perplexing to make a hole in a shin-high sand that took over their street.

Cradduck has lived in his home for 34 years and pronounced he’s never seen anything like this. “I consider all of us have schooled a lessons on this one. We were all bad children and abandoned a warning,” he said.

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