Fort Collins business drives inebriated customers, cars home

Hank Van Orden knows dipsomaniac people can get home in a series of ways. They can call a taxi, or even try to walk.

Sometimes, though, there are prolonged waits for automobile services, or a cold can deter them from creation a trek home. But he wants them to know that before they make a mistake of removing into their cars, they have one some-more option.

And that’s where Trunk Drivers come in.

Van Orgen and a former business partner co-founded a association 3 years ago. Trunk Drivers isn’t in a cab business. It’s in a getting-you-home-safe business. And in that respect, it offers a use novel to Northern Colorado.

“We’re usually perplexing to do a partial in shortening a series of DUIs and drunk-driving accidents,” pronounced Van Orden, 33, who’s also a ubiquitous partner manager during a Marriott hotel.

“We get your automobile home, too.”

When people in a Old Town area have had one or several too many drinks, they can call a Trunk Drivers, one of whom will float a splendid yellow or red scooter to wherever they are. The case motorist folds adult a scooter, puts it in a customer’s case and afterwards drives a patron and their automobile home.

Once they get a customer safely home, a case motorist unfolds a motorized bicycle and scoots off to chaperon a subsequent doubtful person.

The normal wait is 20 minutes, and reservations are accessible via a week. The pick-up rate is $15, and $3 for each mile.

Although a services are singular to a internal market, Van Orden pronounced Trunk Drivers isn’t indispensably perplexing to outperform a competitors. Instead, there’s a opposite ground behind Van Orden’s initial entrepreneurial endeavor.

The reserve of a business is what drives a case drivers, generally Van Orden, a local of Idaho. When Van Orden was 11, his comparison hermit was killed by a dipsomaniac motorist in a late 1980s.

“My whole life I’ve wanted to do something dedicated to assisting this cause,” Van Orden said.

Fort Collins military done 17 DUI arrests and Larimer County 44 in February.

“And what commission of that is people who got in their cars dipsomaniac to expostulate home?” remarkable stream co-owner Mike Nebeker, an word representative from Utah.

On a normal weekend — that gets busier in a summer and during vast events — Trunk Drivers takes an normal of 5 to 10 dipsomaniac drivers off a road. That pleases Van Orden and Nebeker, though it’s a comparatively tiny series deliberation how tough and how prolonged they’ve worked to grow a business.

That business started in Jun 2012, when Van Orden and his former business partner — who Van Orden pronounced left on good terms— were examination “Top Gear,” a renouned British radio uncover about quick and singular cars. It profiled a identical business in London, Van Orden recalled, and he and his crony were now inspired.

Within a subsequent 6 months, Trunk Drivers was born, though it wouldn’t benefit steam for another 6 months. Van Orden walked around Old Town flitting out business cards and describing this new use to anyone who would listen.

“Probably 98 percent of people would say, ‘Oh, how awesome! What a good thing we guys do,’ ” he said. “But frequency no one would call us. we consider everybody was uncomfortable, thinking, ‘You’re pushing my car?’ “

But all it took was a initial chairman who hopped in a backseat of his possess car, and realized, “Wow, this works.” Van Orden remembers it as a violation point, that solemnly though certainly led to a expansion in customers. Now, Nebeker pronounced Trunk Drivers has a repeat delinquent rate of 95 percent — that is, returning customers.

To appreciate them for their loyalty, Trunk Drivers recently released a rewards program, that gives visit business chances to acquire points they can money in for ignored or giveaway rides. Nebeker pronounced it is usually a initial of dozens of stairs they’re holding to boost recognition of what they do.

Sure, Trunk Drivers is a business, though a dual co-owners see it some-more as a open service, one that’s assisting a business and usually not charging them.

“We wish to be a go-to in Northern Colorado,” Nebeker said, “And we’re usually removing started.”

Trunk Drivers can be reached during (970)-658-0806 or during

Katie de la Rosa is a violation news and travel reporter. She can be reached during (970)-224-7795 or on Twitter during @katieoftherose.

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