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Since a Second Chance for Employment Act was sealed into law, really few applications have been submitted to circuit office in a southern half of a state. 

Three, to be exact. One in Raleigh County, one in Fayette County, and one in McDowell County.  

Other counties, such as Greenbrier, Wyoming, Monroe, Nicholas, Summers, Boone, and Mercer, have perceived no applications. Even a state’s many populous county, Kanawha, has nonetheless to accept an application. 

The Second Chance for Employment Act, sealed into law in Apr and effective as of Jul 2017, allows people with a nonviolent, nonsexual transgression conviction, who have perceived no new rapist charges for 10 years, to petition a justice to revoke their transgression to a misdemeanor. 

The thought behind a law is to concede convicted felons a possibility to turn employed again. But some trust a 10-year requirement might be too lengthy. 

Raleigh County Circuit Clerk Paul Flanagan pronounced in many cases, a time support is some-more like 12 to 15 years. 

“It’s 10 years after they’ve finished their seizure or probation. Probation routinely runs dual to 5 years,” Flanagan said. “If a chairman has been out of a pursuit marketplace for that duration of time, it will be formidable for them to get behind into truly beneficial employment.”

Sure, someone can get a smallest salary pursuit to survive. But a aloft profitable job, after being out of a workforce for so long, he said, is doubtful. 

“I consider for a insurance of society, there has to be a chastisement when we do a crime. But what’s suitable is a question,” Flanagan said. “If we committed it in my early 20s, subsequently married and had children, how can we support those people who are contingent on me?”

While Flanagan believes a vigilant of a legislation is good, he wonders how truly impactful it will be. He remarkable that a transgression philosophy aren’t being expunged, so if a credentials check is conducted, a spectator can see that a assign was reduced to a misdemeanor. 

“It’s still technically there. we usually consternation if a impact will be what was intended.”

• • •

Delegate Mick Bates, D-Raleigh, agrees. 

“If we have reduced misconduct on your record, it doesn’t take someone prolonged to figure out it used to be a felony,” Bates said. 

He, too, is endangered about a length of time someone has to wait to apply. With a lowest workforce appearance rate in a country, Bates pronounced transgression philosophy are clearly a separator to employment, and to ceiling employment, too. 

“Second Chance is about redemption. It’s about carrying someone who maybe done a mistake have a event to put that behind them,” Bates said. “It’s a certain thing, though it might need to be revisited.”

He pronounced with so few applications received, it’s formidable to know how good a law will work. Bates pronounced he believes some convicted felons simply might not know about a law. 

Several county clerks, including those in Kanawha and Monroe, pronounced they have perceived mixed inquires, though no applications. Some office suggested time constraints or a cost of a petition could be barriers to apply. 

There is a $300 price to apply, which includes a $100 State Police rapist story comment price and a $200 polite filing fee. If someone feels incompetent to means a fees, he or she might record for a waiver. 

Petitions contingency be filed in a county in that a offense took place, and a county prosecutor will examination a applications. The information will be common with a plant or victims, and if any celebration opposes, a applicant will be given a possibility to reply.

Ultimately, a circuit justice will possibly extend a petition, set a matter for hearing, or repudiate a petition. 

• • • 

The one petition in Raleigh County, filed by Richard Dale Evans, was successful. 

Evans, a 52-year-old innate and lifted in Clear Fork in Wyoming County, quit high propagandize during age 16 and went to work. 

When he was 19, he pronounced he got with a wrong crowd. 

“I was out with a garland who were going to a mines, hidden belt rollers and belt to sell,” Evans said. “I was some-more or reduction along with them for a ride.”

He combined with a laugh, “I knew what they were doing, though they had some good beer.”

When Evans was arrested, law coercion review him his rights, though warned him if he didn’t beg guilty, he would substantially breeze adult with jail time.

Declining an offer for an attorney, he represented himself and pleaded guilty to grand larceny. He perceived no jail time, and usually a brief duration of probation. 

“Since then, we haven’t had anything some-more than a speeding ticket,” Evans said. “And we haven’t had one of those in years.”

A few years after his conviction, when he was around 21 or 22, he went to squeeze a firearm for hunting. His ask was denied. 

“That’s how we found out we had a felony. It blowed me away. we was working. we didn’t consider zero about it.”

Evans spent his career as an subterraneous spark miner — as a roof bolter and after as a glow boss. 

“I didn’t try to hunt. we usually let it go and kept working.”

He prides himself on how good he was means to yield for his family. Despite a transgression conviction, he put his 3 kids, and his wife, who is now a earthy therapist, by college. 

But he knows it’s most harder now for felons to get hired. 

“This law put into place, as distant as I’m concerned, for a people who merit it, it needs to be there,” Evans said. “When we get people in my conditions who’s had 30 years of good behavior, 30 years of not removing into anything, and my strange assign was pacifist and not sexual, (the felony) shouldn’t be there.”

He pronounced he would know a assign remaining had he continued a life of crime, though he’s blissful he’s no longer legally deliberate a felon. 

“It’s a weight off your shoulders. It’s something we don’t have to worry about.”

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