February 9, 2018: Haredi employment

Haredi employment

With courtesy to “Number of Haredim in workforce declines” (February 7), statistics can be used to countenance any indicate one wants to make, in this case, concerning stipends.

A change of 2.7% is too tiny to uncover a trend. Possibly, a boost in a series of Haredi group in a operative race is indeed higher, though a commission is reduction due to a sum boost in a series of Haredi men. If a figure that we have seen, of 4% expansion per annum in working-age population, is correct, afterwards we indeed have an boost in a series employed.

Maybe some-more Haredim are apropos self-employed and this is not reflected in a figures. When this self-employment is partial of a subterraneous economy (I see it referred to in several articles as a “shadow economy”) in a community, a statistics are even some-more meaningless.

This is a confident community. One family runs a hothouse school, another sells pizza from home or offers catering services. Estate agents are another aspect. So is “informal” car-hire or cab services. Whatever a activity, there is customarily a macher in a community, someone who knows how to get things done, to take caring of it.

We in a non-Haredi village totally blink a dynamics of this society. The same box could be equally used for other race groups. In my partial of a country, we have come opposite many who have an central pursuit for a singular series of hours to prove taxation authorities and a National Insurance Institute, and something on a side for genuine income.



Pence’s support

I am beholden to Meirav Jones (“The rebirth of a Jews and Mike Pence’s ‘New Israel,’” Observations, Feb 2) for her impressive “recovery” of a divinity underlining Pence-Trump unfamiliar policy. However, her opinion that this could have “unfortunate consequences for America and her Jews” seems to me to be a product of a farfetched fear of Evangelical divinity that magnanimous Jews have had for a prolonged time.

This is mocking since so most of it is Bible-based and a source of Christian Zionists’ support for Israel.

Here are some of a settled elements “recovered” by Ms. Jones that occur to be partial of my possess beliefs as a eremite Zionist:

• The investiture of a emperor Jewish state with a joined Jerusalem as a capital, populated by some-more than 6 million Jews in a domain between a Jordan and a Mediterranean, is indeed a accomplishment of a Divine guarantee likely by a Hebrew prophets from Moses to Malachi.

• Ezekiel’s prophesy of a dry skeleton is an suitable embellishment for a rebirth of a Jewish people from their totally contemptible condition after dual millennia in outcast capped by a Holocaust.

• The fact that a ingathering of a exiles has resulted in a nation-state does not make it a “new” Israel (in some theological clarity like a New Testament), though rather a reborn Israel, as that was a standing in pre-exilic times.

• If Israel is a accomplishment of Divine guarantee to a Jewish people, afterwards it constitutes a call, indeed a summons to Jews worldwide, to come home.

I, as many others, have answered that call. However, we would not call those who are deaf to this call “mistaken” or even “wrong” – they are simply blank an event to make story instead of being a victim.

Ms. Jones is horrified that a Knesset applauded Vice President Mike Pence, comparing him to Cyrus. The Prophet Isaiah applauded Cyrus for his deeds, not delving into his theology. Pence’s divinity is a lot closer to the possess than that of Cyrus or even Lord Balfour.

Pence competence trust that the story will have a opposite finale than we do, though we will let Providence confirm that issue.



The author is an emeritus highbrow of Jewish studies during Bar-Ilan University.

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