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By Eamon Scarbrough

Regardless of their backgrounds or ability sets, everybody flocking Friday afternoon to a Portales Memorial Building common one common goal: To find employment.

Joselin and William Gutierrez of Portales were not sold about a form of practice they were looking for as prolonged as it would capacitate them to yield for themselves.

Staff photo: Eamon Scarbrough
Farmers Insurance District Recruiting Manager Melissa Mendoza gives pursuit seeker Jamal McCall of Cannon Air Force Base information about practice opportunities within her association Thursday afternoon during a Eastern New Mexico Job Fair in a Memorial Building.

“Right now I’m looking for anything that can cocktail up, fundamentally like in an bureau position, or something that can sinecure genuine quick, since things aren’t removing hard, though if anything, we’re looking for something that will assistance us with a bills,” Joselin said.

Jamal McCall, who had been referred to a Eastern New Mexico Job Fair by a Emory Family Readiness Center during Cannon Air Force Base, was looking for work in plan management, and attended a eventuality since “it’s a one stop shop.”

“The Internet does a lot, though infrequently things are old. Here, we get that face-to-face hit with people from a companies, generally within a community,” McCall said.

Recent Portales High School connoisseur Jesse LeMier was during a satisfactory in hunt of “anything to get me started.”

LeMier, who is watchful to save income to attend diesel automechanic school, had already organised an talk with Roosevelt County for a position of officer during a Roosevelt County Detention Center before he left a fair.

Shelly Nyanfor of Muleshoe, Texas, came to a pursuit satisfactory looking for positions in patron use or sales.

Nyanfor, who recently changed from North Dakota, pronounced that a pursuit satisfactory done it easier for her to discern what businesses were employing than by simply soliciting any business.

“I’m not from this area, so pushing around, we don’t unequivocally know a lot about any of a companies, nor do we know where to find them,” she said, “and a pursuit satisfactory only kind of brings everybody in one place, everybody that’s hiring, since a lot of times when we do expostulate around, we hear, ‘No, we’re not hiring.’”

Several employers were accessible to give pursuit seekers information, palm out applications, and even control on-site interviews.

According to Eastern New Mexico University Human Resources Director Benito Gonzales, impending employees should be “dedicated to a goal of Eastern, that is tyro success.”

Gonzales touted a significance of employing locally, citing their tie to a community.

“You have somebody that lives here, that is some-more than expected going to stay in a area. If they have a pursuit in a area that keeps them in a area, afterwards they’re some-more expected to stay during a university for a prolonged time,” he said.

Ashley Furniture Regional Manager Jessica Smith credited a pursuit satisfactory with deconstructing a preconceived notions that pursuit seekers might have about employers.

“I consider it brings opportunities that we routinely don’t see. A lot of people maybe have misconceptions about what kind of people we hire. We have a pleasing salon — it’s unequivocally set — so some people might feel like they don’t have adequate knowledge in sales, and that’s only unequivocally not a case,” Smith said. “It gives us an event — for people who maybe fear that they’re not qualified, and unequivocally are and have all a eggs in a basket — to accommodate those people.”

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