Employment First module celebrates initial anniversary in Summit County

Employment First, a federally saved module that provides job-seeking assistance to people receiving food assistance, has noted a initial anniversary in Summit County. Since a Human Services dialect instituted a module in Nov of final year, it has supposing some-more than 225 internal adults with career-building classes and connected dozens with “workfare” opportunities that concede them to build workplace knowledge while giving behind to a community.

Food assistance programs generally need recipients to have jobs, though that can be formidable for people in apocalyptic financial straits who need evident assistance with their grocery bills. Employment First lowers that separator by permitting people to perform their pursuit requirement by attending unchanging classes that learn them resume-building, interviewing and job-hunting skills by a Colorado Workforce Center in Frisco.

To maximize a efficacy of those classes, Employment First started a mentorship commander module in Aug that gives participants individualized, one-on-one support and guidance.

The module also pairs people with internal nonprofits and supervision agencies, where they can work in delinquent positions in sequence to build knowledge and veteran references. Human Services seeks to tailor those positions to a interests and skills of participants with a wish that they can act as career pathways.

“While you’re perplexing to find a job, a module closes that practice gap,” pronounced Summit County Employment First coordinator Janet Wolfson. “You can put that work on your resume, build references and figure out if (that field) is something you’re meddlesome in.”

So far, people have been placed in such workfare positions during a Summit County Climbing Gym, Advocates for Victims of Sexual Assault, a Family and Intercultural Resource Center (FIRC) and a county’s Senior Center.

“The Community and Senior Center has had several workfare participants in a kitchen,” a center’s manager, Lorie Williams said. “We have desired carrying them in a facility. They’ve been a outrageous assistance to us in a daily operations, and they’ve schooled some good pursuit skills in a process.”

“Just within a initial year, Employment First has exceeded a expectations in so many ways,” Summit County Economic Security Programs manager Michael Whitaker said. “Participants have unequivocally invested themselves and taken full advantage of a program, while internal businesses and village leaders have stepped brazen as eager partners.”

Over a march of a initial year, a module has also been rolled into a Summit County Jail, where it seeks to ready inmates to some-more simply transition behind into municipal life on their release.

Employment First offers twice-monthly pursuit skills classes during a jail, and also helps inmates request for food assistance and health word by Health First Colorado, a state’s Medicaid program.

“This new partnership complements a existent efforts to revoke recidivism,” Summit County Sheriff Jaime FitzSimons said. “If we dedicate a crime in a community, we need to be hold accountable. But we’re operative together to assistance mangle a incarceration-poverty cycle by improved scheming inmates to obtain suggestive practice when they leave a facility.”

Agape Outpost is also assisting to palliate a transition behind into multitude by charity a solemn vital residence to masculine offenders who don’t have housing after withdrawal a jail or don’t wish to lapse to diseased vital situations.

Human Services and a sheriff’s bureau are formulation to enhance a module by reaching out to employers who competence be open to interviewing inmates before their recover so they can start work immediately on execution of their sentences.

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