Employment Expo 2016

An eventuality billed as “Northeastern Pennsylvania’s largest practice expo” takes place tomorrow, Wednesday, Apr 6.

The eventuality during Mohegan Sun Arena nearby Wilkes-Barre runs from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m.  Organizers inspire pursuit seekers to learn about a companies that are employing before streamer to a event.   To see that organizations are attending in hunt of new hires, click here!

The following tips to assistance we prepared for a Employment Expo, are pleasantness of Dress For Success Lackawanna:

  • Learn as most as we can about a impending employer by reviewing a web site thoroughly, reading attention publications and articulate to others who might know about a company’s enlightenment and what a organisation might be looking for in an employee. Linkedin is a good resource.
  • Review your resume. Think about how your skills and accomplishments can be resources to a company.
  • Recruiters take seconds to examination resumes,  so ask someone to explanation read, and double / triple check spelling and grammar.
    • Make certain your hit information is scold and that your email residence is appropriate.
    • Adapt your resume formed on a association you’re approaching, only make certain we know that resume we gave to that sold company.
    • Beyond a list of companies we are approaching, have 5 to 10 some-more additional resumes on hand.
  • Have your 30 second conveyor debate ready.  Be prepared to answer these customary questions:
    • Can we tell me a small about yourself?
    • Why do we wish to work here? What do we know about a company?
    • What are your strengths/weaknesses?
  • Practice responding talk questions out loud. You wish your responses to sound assured though not rehearsed.
  • Prepare your possess list of questions to ask a recruiter. Remember: this is your event to learn some-more about a position and a company’s culture. Bring a pad folio to take notes.
  • Be prepared to finish a created application, that will expected ask for your hit information and a addresses and phone numbers of your prior employers.
  • Complete a list of dual to 3 veteran references, or people who can pronounce definitely about your skills and work ethic. Just be certain to ask if they are peaceful to offer as your references before we give out their hit information.
  • Ask for a business label or who to hit per a position for that we are requesting for timeline for interviews and follow up.
  • Dress appropriately
  • Men:  black or tan pants; dress shirt w. competition cloak if possible
  • Women:  business infrequent separates, dress pants, cardigan, blouse
  • Preferably no jeans.  If jeans are all we have, make certain they are purify and wear a good dress shirt.
  • Nothing revealing, cover tattoos, no ball caps.

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