Employment-Based Green Cards Are Mostly for Families

The United States’ immigration complement favors family reunification – even in a ostensible employment-based categories.  The family members of newcomer workers contingency use practice formed immature cards to enter a United States.  Instead of a apart immature label difficulty for spouses and children, they get a immature label that would differently go to a worker. 

In 2013, 53 percent of all ostensible employment-based immature cards went to a family members of workers.  The other 47 percent went to a workers themselves.  Some of those family members are workers, though they should have a apart immature label difficulty or be exempted from a practice immature label share altogether. 

Source: 2013 Yearbook of Immigration Statistics, Author’s Calculations

If family members were exempted from a share or there was a apart immature label difficulty for them, an additional 85,232 rarely learned newcomer workers could have entered in 2013 without augmenting a quota.

139,757 immature label beneficiaries, 87 percent of those who gained an employment-based immature label in 2013, were already legally vital in a United States.  They were means to adjust their immigration standing from another form of visa, like an H-1B or F visa, to an employment-based immature card. 

Source: 2013 Yearbook of Immigration Statistics, Author’s Calculations


Exempting some or all of a adjustments of standing from a immature label top would roughly double a series of rarely learned workers who could enter.  Here are some other grant options:

  • Workers could be exempted from a top if they have a aloft turn of education, like a connoisseur grade or a PhD.
  • A certain series of workers who adjust their standing could be exempted in a approach a H-1B visa exempts 20,000 graduates of American universities from a cap.
  • Workers could be exempted if they uncover 5 or some-more years of authorised practice in a United States before to receiving their immature card.
  • Workers could be exempted formed on a function they intend to enter.  This is a problem since in involves a supervision selecting that occupations are deserving, though so prolonged as it leads to a ubiquitous boost in a intensity numbers of learned newcomer workers but dwindling them elsewhere, a advantages will transcend a harms.




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