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Donaldson and Crithfield Found Guilty In Foster Dunhill Offshore Insurance Tax Evasion Case


I have formerly created about Foster Dunhill in my twin articles:


The Foster Dunhill program, as it was famous (it indeed concerned utterly a few companies though Foster Dunhill was a many prominent), was a widespread module of blatant taxation rascal perpetrated by a series of individuals, including Stephen Donaldson, Sr., and Duane Crithfield. In essence, privately-owned American businesses paid unreasonable premiums for several word coverages to an offshore word association controlled, holding a reduction opposite income for a policies, and afterwards a offshore word association purchased an offshore payments or cash-value process for a business owners to give them entrance to their moneys.


Donaldson and Crithfield were indicted for taxation fraud, and, as my second essay discussed, eventually entered guilty pleas. After that essay was written, however, a bizarre turn of predestine occurred as a U.S. District Judge deserted their guilty pleas, and not too prolonged after that a span went to trial. At a dais hearing wherein a decider done a commentary of fact (as opposite to a jury hearing where laypersons do that), a probity on Jul 12, 2017, entered an Order that found Donaldson and Crithfield guilty of all depends of a crimes charged.

You can, and should, review a Order here.

While researching this article, we serve detected that a Vento v. Crithfield case, that we wrote about in my 2013 article, has finally been resolved, by a probity affirming a arbitration award in preference of a Ventos and opposite a Foster Dunhill defendants. You can review that award here.

While it has now been 15 years given a Foster Dunhill understanding was a latest taxation and item insurance flavor-of-the-day, it is value remembering that Foster Dunhill wasn’t a initial of a “insurance deduction” schemes. A identical taxation rascal involving Caduceus Life Insurance Company and Peter J. Peggs, et al., had run before to a Foster Dunhill scheme. That rascal also finished in indictments, and a sad twin self-murder of Peter J. Peggs and his wife a day before he was to news to prison.

These schemes continue currently too. As we wrote final month in my essay Beware The Insane New Offshore Insurance Company Deals Sold By Some 831(b) Captive Managers, some promoters are now pushing their clients into offshore deals really identical to Caduceus Life and Foster Dunhill.

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