DA: Philly father, son killed relations for word money

A Philadelphia father and son are charged with murdering their family member in sequence to collect word money.

District Attorney Seth Williams pronounced Thursday 60-year-old Edward R. Kirby supposing his ill brother, George Kirby, with adequate methadone pills to kill himself.

Before giving him a drugs, Edward Kirby’s son allegedly performed 10 life word policies sanctimonious to be George Kirby.

The son of a male who died called military after he overheard a phone review about what was going on.

In it, a younger Kirby allegedly pronounced to his dad, quote “I don’t caring what we do, only take caring of it. He’s your brother, we do it. The quicker we do this, a quicker we can get a money.”

The father and son twin were allegedly attempting to collect adult to $200,000 in life word policies.

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