Creeth, Rutishauser and Koenigsberg run for Board of Finance

Three Wilton residents are using for 3 seats on a Board of Finance this Nov — Democrat Richard Creeth and Republicans Jeff Rutishauser and Stewart Koenigsberg.

Richard Creeth

Richard Creeth

Richard Creeth

Creeth, who now serves as a board’s clerk, pronounced he is using for another tenure “because we are in a really severe mercantile environment.”

“We need a bill that supports a town’s needs and provides essential services in a really cost-efficient way,” he said.

The state has not usually “eliminated roughly all assist to a town,” pronounced Creeth, “but is proposing to levy poignant teachers’ grant costs on us.

“My 8 years on a Board of Selectmen and 4 on a Board of Finance give me a knowledge to assistance conduct a change of indispensable services and taxation increases,” pronounced Creeth, whose tip priority as a financial house member will be to “keep skill taxation increases to a smallest while creation certain that essential services do not suffer.”

“This entails enlivening a Board of Selectmen and a Board of Education to essay for ways to urge a peculiarity of use but augmenting costs,” he said.

Jeff Rutishauser

Jeff Rutishauser. — JGR Hunt photo

Jeff Rutishauser. — JGR Hunt photo

Rutishauser is a financial board’s stream chair and is also a member of a Investment Committee of a Wilton Pension Trust.

He pronounced he is using for re-election to continue portion Wilton “in a financial government slip role” and yield “leadership for a sound management” of a town’s finances and borrowings.

“After many years of use on a Board of Finance, we have poignant knowledge in all aspects of financial government of a town,” pronounced Rutishauser.

“In addition, we will continue to work tough to make certain that Wilton’s taxation dollars are spent wisely and accurately reported.”

Upon re-election, Rutishauser said, his tip priorities would be to:

  • “Continue to work tough to keep tax/mill rate increases to a smallest possible, while preserving essential services;
  • Preserve a town’s Aaa Moody’s credit rating, enabling a lowest cost borrowing for a long-term debt;
  • Focus on areas where a handling opening could be finished some-more well — especially staffing potency during Board of Education and Board of Selectmen.”

Including his use from 2001 to 2003, Rutishauser has served on a financial house for a sum of 7 years.

Stewart Koenigsberg

Stewart Koenigsberg

Stewart Koenigsberg

Koenigsberg — the usually non-incumbent financial house claimant — is a Wilton proprietor of some-more than 25 years with knowledge in financial management, financial and operational controls and regulations.

He late from General Electric as a GE association officer in 2015 and was many recently a boss and CEO of GE Capital Markets, where he managed all collateral markets activities for GE Capital worldwide.

Before fasten GE in 1989, Koenigsberg served as a comparison manager during tellurian accounting, auditing and consulting organisation Arthur Andersen Co., where he led review and consulting engagements. Koenigsberg has also served on a accumulation of corporate boards.

Koenigsberg pronounced he is using for a Board of Finance since he believes he can “help effectively manage” a town’s finances.

“I can also work with a house and pivotal stakeholders to find alternatives to exile taxation increases, while progressing a peculiarity of a town’s core strengths,” he said.

“Unfortunately, we will be faced with increasingly formidable choices given a problems in Hartford, and will need a city executive group with a ability to rise artistic alternatives.”

Koenigsberg pronounced he believes a city needs to “think differently” about a blurb taxation base.

“We will need to grow that bottom so a burdens being pushed a approach from Hartford do not land wholly on residential homeowners,” he said.

Koenigsberg pronounced one of his priorities as a financial house member would be to find ways to control Wilton’s responsibility base, “while still progressing a high peculiarity of schools and services that make this city attractive.”

“These are really severe times and will need a able city care group and intent residents committed to effective management.”

Polls will be open for Wilton’s metropolitan choosing on Tuesday, Nov. 7, from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Click here for choosing information and a representation ballot.

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