County’s approaching practice climbed by 50 in February

Seasonally practiced nonfarm payroll practice climbed by 50 jobs in Feb to 10,780. Seasonally practiced total review approaching changes with tangible changes. A benefit of 60 jobs is normal for a month, though a county’s pursuit count grew by 110. The private zone combined 80 jobs, and supervision practice rose by 30. Professional and business services combined 40 jobs and construction nailed in 30 more. Local supervision combined 30 jobs. Other industries had smaller changes.

Total nonfarm practice in Feb was 100 some-more than one year before, a benefit of 0.9 percent. The private zone mislaid 20 jobs, and supervision combined 120 jobs over a year. Retail trade combined 50 jobs over a year. Manufacturing and convenience and liberality any cut 30 jobs. Local supervision preparation combined 70 jobs over a year, and other internal supervision was adult 60 jobs.

Columbia County’s seasonally practiced stagnation rate was 5.0 percent in February, reduce than a prior month (5.5 percent) and a year before (6.3 percent). The rate was aloft than a statewide rate (4.0 percent) and a inhabitant rate (4.7 percent).

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