CompTIA: California tops tech zone employment, though for how long?

Dive Brief:

  • California, Texas and New York are a tip 3 states for tech zone employment, according to a new report by CompTIA assessing a tech workforce opposite a U.S. California is by distant a largest employer in a sector, with about 1.2 million tech workers, braggadocio an economy that is equal to a sum sum of a 25 states during a bottom of a list. 
  • In total, there are an estimated 7.3 million workers in tech occupations, according to CompTIA. On average, tech attention workers acquire a income of $108,900, that is some-more than double a inhabitant normal income of $53,040.  
  • In 2016, a tech zone gained a net sum of 182,000 jobs, accounting for 4% of a sum U.S. workforce employment. The tech jobs combined to a U.S. economy final year represented 10% of all jobs added. 

Dive Insight:

CompTIA’s comment confirms what many already knew: The tech attention is outrageous in a U.S. The distance of a attention does not come from a series of workers in a industry, though rather a mercantile contributions it creates to a U.S. as a whole. And certain states gleam above others, carrying worked to grow a internal tech workforce, sketch in companies opposite sectors to locate domicile in their state. 

With areas such as California and New York struggling with sky high cost of vital rates, other tech economies in a U.S. are fast growing. As CompTIA notes, Utah, North Carolina and Washington are among a states stating clever year-over-year pursuit growth, interjection in vast partial to a enlargement of tech companies in a state. 

The U.S. tech workforce is not like it once was. Rather than relegating IT to a basement, tech is pushing enlargement and swell opposite sectors. Every association is apropos a tech company, in a way, as organizations are looking to exercise new, flexible solutions to move them into a digital age.

An impact of that, however, is companies need to compensate innovative tech workers during or above marketplace rates to safeguard pivotal employees aren’t mislaid in a ongoing talent wars. After all, tech companies browbeat a list of a highest-paying companies in a U.S. The captivate of well-rounded advantages and a high-paying income can someday be too most to resist. 

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