City Opens Applications For Mayor’s Summer Youth Employment Program

The Seattle Human Services Department (HSD) has non-stop a 2016 focus routine for a 10th annual Summer Youth Employment Program.

The Summer Youth Employment Program is a partial of a Mayor’s Youth Employment Initiative—a citywide bid to residence high girl stagnation (currently 13 percent), while bridging a talent order and investing in a future.

“Building on final year’s efforts, we are operative with business leaders and village partners to enhance a many powerful girl practice module Seattle has seen in decades,” pronounced Seattle Mayor Ed Murray. “This module will assistance a many at-risk girl rise skills to contest in a 21st Century economy.”

Last year, a Mayor’s Youth Employment Initiative offering 2000 immature people a event to benefit profitable work knowledge during businesses via a City. This year a City is expanding a module to 4000 youth.

HSD’s Youth Employment Program will minister to a Mayor’s Youth Employment Initiative by ancillary underserved girl and immature adults in a village with extensive internship opportunities directed during assembly their practice needs

The Summer Internship Program is open to girl and immature adults, age 14-24 who live in a city of Seattle. Those meddlesome in requesting for summer jobs can finish a Online Application Information Form or collect adult a tough duplicate focus during 810 Third Avenue, 4th Floor, Suite 420, Seattle, WA 98104 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. The finish focus contingency be perceived online, mailed or forsaken off by 5 p.m. Mon., May 2, 2016.

Students but mechanism entrance are speedy to implement computers accessible during Seattle Public Libraries, Seattle Parks and Recreation village centers, Seattle open high schools, WorkSource Centers, and other village formed organizations to finish their applications.

If we are an worker or owners of a business and wish to support a Mayor’s Youth Employment Initiative, we can:

  • Host one or some-more Youth Employment Initiative interns
  • Provide munificent support for interns by donating to a initiative; or
  • Create or enhance your company’s girl practice program.

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