CIBC introduces new beginning to support practice for Canadians vital with a disability

TORONTO, Jan. 17, 2017 (Canada NewsWire around COMTEX) — Bank partners with amicable craving Magnet to tackle practice barriers and concentration on farrago employing

Committed to augmenting practice opportunities for people vital with a disability, CIBC (CM)

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announced now it is partnering with Magnet, an online network that connects pursuit seekers to employers shaped on skills and talent needs.

A recently consecrated CIBC and Magnet survey* reveals that scarcely two-in-five working-age Canadians vital with a incapacity are unemployed, and this newly shaped partnership aims to enhance entrance to pursuit opportunities for persons with disabilities. The same check reveals that miss of opportunities (13%), past non-inclusive practice knowledge (9%) and fear of taste (6%) are only some of a reasons that people with disabilities move they are not employed.

“CIBC is committed to carrying a group that reflects a different clients and a communities in that we live and work,” says Laura Dottori-Attanasio, Senior Executive Vice-President and Chief Risk Officer, and Diversity Inclusion Executive Champion, CIBC. “We commend that persons with disabilities are a mostly untapped apparatus pool and Magnet’s height will assistance us bond with these gifted and gifted individuals, with a idea of relating them with a right pursuit opportunities during CIBC.”

CIBC is committing to employing 500 new group members with disabilities in 2017, and will grow that series year over year. As Magnet’s Diversity partner for Indigenous peoples and Persons With Disabilities, CIBC’s appropriation will assistance Magnet to serve labour a hunt engine technology, and enhance a height to offer some-more opportunities to compare employers and clever talent.

“We are anxious to partner with CIBC and are beholden for a support,” pronounced Mark Patterson, Executive Director, Magnet. “When combining this partnership, we were tender with a flawlessness and care of CIBC in being an thorough employer and ancillary village initiatives directed during addressing a emanate of practice barriers. We also met and are looking brazen to operative with many CIBC group members who also move their personal passion to a initiative.”

Canadians Living with a Disability Employment Poll: Key Insights

 -- Amongst working-age Canadians vital with a disability, roughly two-in-five (37%) are not now employed o Of those, two-thirds prove they are not operative as a outcome of their incapacity o One-in-three prove there are still really genuine barriers that forestall them from receiving suggestive practice including: miss of opportunities for people with disabilities (13%), their final practice knowledge was not thorough (9%), miss of certainty in their possess abilities (7%), and fear of being discriminated opposite (6%) 

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SOURCE: Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

SOURCE: CIBC – Corporate

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