Christie Calls Trump Genius for Plan to Burn Down White House and Collect Insurance

NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report)—Governor Chris Christie, of New Jersey, called Donald J. Trump a “genius” on Monday for his argumentative devise to bake down a White House to collect word money.

Appearing on Fox News, Christie pronounced that Trump’s intrigue to collect fire-insurance payments on a White House would “make a critical dent” in a inhabitant debt.

“It’s not only a White House,” Christie told Fox’s Sean Hannity. “That building is crowded of precious antiques, paintings, and rugs, all of which, when burned, would fetch a flattering penny.”

The New Jersey administrator pronounced that Trump’s “totally talent business acumen” would set him detached from all prior Presidents. “We’ve had forty-plus occupants of a White House, and not one of them ever deliberate a business advantages of blazing it down,” Christie said.

Christie called critique of a devise to bake down a White House “typical media bias,” and pronounced that Trump was relocating brazen with skeleton to see “how most he could get” for blazing down a Lincoln Memorial.

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