Casey Kasem — Lawsuit Over Who Gets HUGE Life Insurance Check

The dogfight over Casey Kasem‘s estate is now going to justice — his kids are waging fight with his widow over a $2 million life word policy.

MetLife indeed filed a lawsuit … revelation a decider it’s stumped. Both Jean Kasem and Casey’s 3 kids have laid explain to a rob and a word association doesn’t wish to make a wrong preference and afterwards have to compensate out twice. So MetLife wants a decider to confirm who gets a money.  

Casey’s kids hired a counsel who dismissed off a minute to MetLife observant Jean radically killed Casey by neglecting his care, that resulted in deadly bedsores and dehydration. The kids contend someone who causes someone else’s genocide can’t get their money.

Casey’s kids pronounced when he was alive that a argument was not about money. It’s always about money, right?


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