Calling a word provider but filing a explain could finish adult costing you

by: Clark Howard
Updated: Jul 4, 2017 – 7:59 PM


ATLANTA – It’s critical for we to get a idea about your C.L.U.E report.

“C.L.U.E stands for extensive detriment underwriting exchange,” pronounced WSB consumer advisor, Clark Howard. He explained your C.L.U.E is identical to a credit report, though for insurance. He pronounced it can impact we in some-more ways than one.

“What it does is it decides what you’re going to compensate for homeowners and automobile insurance.” Howard said.

Lori Silverman runs Team Clark and a Consumer Action Center. She pronounced consumers need to be wakeful of a information on their report.

“So, if we make claims on your homeowner’s or on your automobile insurance, a C.L.U.E news will simulate that, and word companies use that to settle rates for you, as good as not to repudiate we coverage.” Silverman explained

Silverman also told WSB a distance of a explain we record doesn’t matter.

“There are word policies, homeowner’s word policies for example, where we can compensate a really minimal amount, to have, say, your wiring covered, and we make a explain on that thinking, ‘oh this is minor, I’m usually removing behind a integrate a hundred dollars,’ though that’s shown, potentially on your C.L.U.E report.” pronounced Silverman.

Howard pronounced another common object on C.L.U.E reports is roadside assistance.

“Insurers who offer a use mostly times provide it as an at-fault explain and it ends adult on your idea news as well,”explained Howard.

One giveaway duplicate of your C.L.U.E any year is accessible on

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