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John Chiang, California’s treasurer, is regulating for governor.

Rich Pedroncelli/Associated Press

Good morning.

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John Chiang, California’s bespectacled treasurer, is a financial man.

His dual decades in open bureau have been all taxes, budgets, holds and pensions.

It’s a resume that Mr. Chiang, a Democrat, hopes will remonstrate electorate that he is a administrator California needs as it wrestles with a housing predicament and gaping income equality.

He’ll need to dwarf dual bold-name rivals in a 2018 race: Gavin Newsom, a major governor, and Antonio Villaraigosa, a former mayor of Los Angeles.

Mr. Chiang, 55, grew adult in a suburb of Chicago, a son of immigrants from Taiwan.

He complicated financial during a University of South Florida and law during Georgetown University, before relocating to a Los Angeles area in 1987, where he lives today.


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Since then, he has climbed methodically adult a ranks of state politics, from domestic staffer to taxation central to controller to treasurer.

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Still, Mr. Chiang is not widely known. (On that note, it’s conspicuous Chung).

To pill that he embarked this summer, camper in tow, on a yearlong debate of all 58 California counties.

We hold adult with Mr. Chiang by phone. Some excerpts:

Q. How do we see California’s purpose underneath a Trump administration?

A. Well, California will have to continue to lead. One of my debate themes is that we will take a opposite road. We’re not going to take a highway to a past. We’re not going to go behind to a divisions, a arguments about who is important. We commend that a farrago is partial of a fabric.

What distinguishes we Newsom and Villaraigosa?

If we demeanour during a record, who’s removing it done. We get a pursuit done.

During a final financial crisis, we was a Democrat who challenged a governor, who challenged a Legislature when they were flitting lunatic budgets.

Or today, severe President Trump when he talks about shortening entrance to health care. We upheld bill change denunciation so that we could strengthen village clinics that offer one in each 7 Californians.

Are Asian-Americans underrepresented in California politics?

I consider in a lot of internal communities they are. Part of this is like a maturation of many communities. Individuals come to this nation and during a commencement they’re perplexing to build fortitude in their lives. So we consider a concentration is on “How do we get to work?” or “How do we even get work?”

How do we report your style?

Friendly and effective.

What’s your biggest veteran regret?

Can we give a personal regret?


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My father did all a right things. He was an immigrant, and we wish before he upheld divided that he didn’t have to bear all a prominence that he did, either it’s bigotry, either it’s health issues, either it’s mercantile issues. Good, industrious center category people only face life’s struggles. So when we have good people, we only wish that life could be easier.

This talk has been edited and condensed.

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California Today is edited by Julie Bloom, who grew adult in Los Angeles and graduated from U.C. Berkeley.

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