Budget 2014: Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has small room to stratagem …

By Aviral Gupta

The Budget event of Parliament will be hold from Jul 7 to Aug 14 and a initial Union Budget of a Narendra Modi supervision will be presented on Jul 10, Thursday. The Rail Budget will be presented on Jul 8, Tuesday, while a Economic Survey will be expelled on Jul 9, Wednesday.

The Rail Budget as good as a Union Budget would literally be a initial grave roadmap and process proclamation of a new supervision inaugurated on May 16 this year and would be keenly watched by a whole investment fraternity.

Some 3 weeks before a Rail Budget is to be presented, a newcomer fares were hiked by 14.2 per cent and burden charges by 6.5 per cent – a pierce that would hoard Rs 6000 crore ($1 bn) to a draining Railways as a waste on a subsidised newcomer transport mount during Rs26,000 crore ($4.3 bn).

It is approaching that a arise in newcomer fares will supplement around 10 basement points to CPI inflation, while there will be a singular surreptitious impact on a CPI from a burden hike. WPI acceleration is approaching to see a marginally incomparable impact as a cost of transporting products such as coal, cement, oil, steel and food grains will rise.

The new supervision has hereditary a draining economy, as indicated by a latest information indicate per a mercantile conditions that a Apr – May mercantile deficit, that stood during 33.3 per cent of a full year aim final fiscal, is 45.6 per cent for this fiscal. As distant as we can see, with such figures, Arun Jaitley, a Finance Minister, has small room to stratagem by a budgetary numbers.

In this regard, we don’t see any taxation breaks or encouragement of taxation grant boundary entrance in this Budget as a supervision would like to keep a source of gain in a stream formidable situation, also exacerbated by a appearing drought like conditions due to deficient monsoon and aloft wanton oil prices due to a Iraq crisis.

However, there is a good probability of subsidies being slashed to strengthen a nation’s PL comment and change sheet. The pivotal would be how a supervision will quell a losses underneath non-plan outlay while rationalising a amicable schemes and try to kindle a economy by a boost in devise expenditure.

The markets are approaching to conflict definitely on any of a following: funding being slashed quite on LPG/kerosene, housing bearing and a change in a land (real estate) and work laws. Further clarity on retrospective taxation and GAAR would be welcomed.

Apart from a Budget we have a trade information – a exports and imports on Wednesday and Index of Industrial Production (IIP) for May on Friday.

IIP for Apr grew during 3.4 per cent after constrictive for dual months. However, expansion in a 8 core industries has slowed down to 2.3 per cent in May, a 4 month low, from 4.2 per cent in April. The 8 industries – coal, wanton oil, healthy gas, refinery products, fertilisers, steel, concrete and electricity – comment for ~38 per cent of a IIP. For May, coal, fertilisers, concrete and electricity sectors available a expansion in output. However, a other 4 sectors – wanton oil, healthy gas, refinery products and steel – available a contraction in outlay year-on-year.

(The author is Founder Investment Strategist, Mynte Advisors)

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